Honeycomb Launches in North America with $3M Funding

The company seeks to disrupt the $22B market multi-family property market by delivering a simple, efficient, and transparent experience for buildings and communities.

MAPFRE RE Adopts Kovrr to Manage Cyber Risk Line

MAPFRE RE will use Kovrr for a wide range of use cases, expanding skills for assessing accumulated cyber risk exposure together with underwriting and pricing capabilities.

Digital Engagement Pays Its Way by Opening Supply Chains

Digital experiences that will not only be efficient and resilient, but they will pay for themselves through improved customer and agent engagement and far greater profitability due to smarter risk selection and greater portfolio management.

Hippo Makes 4 C-Suite Appointments

The veteran insurance leaders will drive Hippo’s underwriting, actuarial and pricing, portfolio, reinsurance and capital management practice areas.

On Premise, Cloud & SaaS: Why the Difference Matters

By rethinking the ROI process, identifying the telltale signs of “fake SaaS”, and understanding the tradeoffs between customization and configuration, your organization can choose the deployment method that will serve your organization best today and in the future. 

Citizens Property Selects VIP Software Bill Audit Pro

The solution is engineered to seamlessly integrate into Citizens’ XactAnalysis estimating platform, accelerating the implementation process, and ensuring an accurate and efficient user experience.

Amica Takes ‘Core-Outward’ Approach to Cloud Adoption

Speaking at Sollers Consulting’s conference, Amica’s Matt Wolff talked about the mid-market P&C insurer’s transition of its on-premise Guidewire core insurance systems to Guidewire Cloud.