The Magic of Web Services, Microservices, and APIs in Group Insurance

To maximize competitive gains from emerging technologies and approaches such as RPA, AI, Big Data, digital self-service, and blockchain, insurers must design data-first digital ecosystems based on flexibility, openness, and interconnectivity principles.

Where Can’t We Sell? The Case for Rapid Distribution Channel Expansion

Leaders that wish to remain on top of the competition will keep distribution technology at the forefront of their priorities. They will also return frequently to their distribution strategy and assess its alignment with individual and business customer channel trends.

Helping SMBs and Employees Thrive With Group and Voluntary Innovations

Can group & voluntary insurers prioritize updates to their data frameworks, as well as improve their digital service through cloud-based core systems? These are questions of immediate importance as SMBs quickly grow adept at locating and carrying innovative benefits and services.