Unleashing the Power of AI for Property Risk Management

With today’s advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, insurers can now harness a wide range of data sources and analyze them with objective insights and recommendations.

Niche Insurance Products in Motion

Niche insurance is growing to support new risks, new market segments and customers who want pricing based on their personal risk.

Facilitate Reinsurance Operations with an Integrated, Scalable Solution

carriers require a reinsurance management solution that can handle increasingly complex reinsurance scenarios while at the same time providing transparency into the health of their reinsurance operations and portfolio, allowing them to stabilize underwriting results and increase capacity.

World Class API Management at Your Fingertips

APIs enable digital experiences, simplify application integration, underpin new digital products, and make data and services reusable and universally accessible.

Unstuck: Using Technology to Build Insurance Resilience

In many instances, technology’s role in building resilience is growing more ‘human’ in its capabilities, and insurance’s new human factor may enable it to become more resilient.

Taming the Circus of Commercial Underwriting

For years, commercial underwriters have been attempting unimaginable feats of balance and dexterity—trying to keep the company’s interests, agent and broker interests, and customer interests all in focus at the same time.