4 Ways to Capture the Millennial Insurance Market

Millennials will constitute a significant chunk of the insurance market for the next few decades, and how they engage and make decisions differs from previous generations.

Is Elon Musk’s Twitter Still a Viable Business Tool?

Under Musk, Twitter’s discourse becomes more of a free-for-all and not free speech. That makes inclusion of it as part of a serious, mature business plan not just a risky bet, but an irresponsible one.

Trends that Will Change the Insurance Industry

Harsh market conditions, innovative entrants, and demanding clients are a few forces driving transformation in the insurance industry, but every challenge presents an opportunity.

Digital Life Insurance for a Digital World

For any life insurer, future success means resonating with demographically diverse generations of new consumers where they live—and that’s increasingly in a digital world.

10 keys to Selecting and Implementing P&C Billing Software

With insurance carriers in the post-pandemic era showing an inclination to replace legacy billing systems/manual billing processes with modern billing platforms, here are 10 key features to consider, along with five success factors.

Data Driven Insurance Transformation

Insurers are re-shaping their roles and value propositions with customers in mind, transforming into data driven, value-based entities.