RPA Can’t Think: Insurers Should Invest in Cognitive AI

While RPA is trendy at the moment, it’s not the most efficient AI solution for insurance companies to implement. Enterprises will continue to see an increasingly meaningful and foundational impact from cognitive solutions.

A Very Safe CES

Trends observable at the show that insurers must follow include the concept of ‘the home is a safe and secure space’ and monetizing the car as an infotainment center—both involving ecosystem partners.

Investing in the Investment Lifecycle

As insurers plan out digital transformation initiatives, they shouldn’t overlook their own asset management operations.

A Green Light for White Label Solutions in Life Insurance

White labeled options can help life insurers tap into newer market segments and reach new customers, but carriers need to be operationally agile, data-centric and laser focused on the customer experience.

The Three-step Insurance Industry Makeover

To reach customers who are at once tech-savvy and demanding, insurers needs to leverage the latest technologies and incorporate three major industry shifts into their planning.

Insurers Are Doing More With Intelligent Text Ingestion

ITI can be a useful tool for dealing with the myriad documents involved in the insurance life cycle, but carriers should define the specific use cases they want to address before launching a pilot.