Protecting Personal Data is as Important as Protecting Hardware

This risk has delivered to insurers a significant opportunity to improve brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and even gain a new revenue stream by giving customers a means to safeguard their digital assets as well as their physical ones.

Tomorrow’s Insurance is Connected

Technologies are emerging that enable omnipresent, real-time connectivity between the people and businesses being insured and their insurers, and that is fundamentally changing the business of insurance.

Everybody LOVES Gelato (Data Science)

It takes savvy scooping to serve customers who have computers in their pockets, data in their edge sensors, and cloud accounts of their own.

The Shift in Transportation Mobility Patterns

Since the advent of COVID-19 Several trends have emerged that are shaping mobility’s ‘next normal’ and promising to have a long-lasting effect on the auto insurance and collision repair industries.

How to Sell Gen Z on an Insurance IT Career

It isn’t easy to convince technology graduates enamored with the tech giants to consider insurance. But your company is better positioned than you think.