What’s Slowing Down Digital Transformation in Insurance?

Insurers can allay their fears about investing in new technology by making compliance a priority, getting all stakeholders aligned around digital transformation, ensuring the technology scales, and working around the constraints of legacy back-end systems.

Paragon Selects CyberCube’s Broking Manager

The solution will allow Paragon’s teams to quantify the sources and financial impact of cyber risk exposure and educate clients accordingly.

Hyland Completes acquisition of Alfresco

Alfresco’s solutions augment Hyland’s range of content services offerings and provides new opportunities to engage with the open-source community for product innovation.

Three Ways Insurance Ecosystems Drive Competitive Advantage

Ecosystems might be the single greatest opportunity for insurers to differentiate themselves in a period of rapid digital transformation, but only 5 percent of insurers can be considered ecosystem masters.