Demystifying Integration Complexity

With a modern integration platform, CIOs can enhance the value and usefulness of data assets and avoid incurring unnecessary technology debt.

Wawanesa Moves to Guidewire Cloud

Wawanesa, a Guidewire customer since 2010, has adopted Guidewire Cloud to simplify IT operations and adapt more quickly to industry changes.

Remove the Complexities Around Scaling Up

Whether the business is an InsurTech startup or a well-established enterprise with thousands of employees, an HIP can help modernize existing tech to meet the ever-changing demands of a growing business.

How to Ensure Success in a Digital Transformation

To avoid loss of creditability, a ruthless adherence to a set of digital commandments is the only way to achieve the ultimate vision.

How Two Life Insurance Giants Will Excel Post-Pandemic

Kim Pfiffner, Chief Information Officer at Principal and Brian Poppe, Chief Data Officer at Mutual of Omaha reveal what made them so successful – from agile methodologies and stronger leadership to InsurTech partnerships.

The Hartford Global Specialty Executes Total Cloud Migration

The acquisition of Navigator’s Group served as an opportunity to drive a new enterprise cloud operating model, while migrating over 100 applications, 16 services and six databases, retiring three data centers and gaining significant efficiencies.