On-Demand Webinar. Using Digital Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation

  At its core, insurance is a series of transactions and processes involving time-sensitive decisions driven by data and information. To optimize the efficiency and efficacy of those transactions and processes, insurers need to be able to properly analyze and understand them. The unfortunate truth is that not all “successfully” transacted business is good—i.e., profitable—to Read More »

On-Demand Webinar. How Insurance Carriers Are Adapting Their Go-To-Market Strategies Using Digital Advisor & Customer Tools

Over the last few years insurance carriers have considered evolving their approach to insurance distribution. While some have invested in new digital tools, many have been slower to adapt. In today’s new “normal” the question is no longer “Should we?”; it’s now “How fast can we?” View This Recording to Learn: How challenges in distribution Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Laying the Foundation for a Successful Cloud Migration: Tips and advice from Pekin Insurance and Novarica

Most organizations have already made the decision to leverage cloud technology. In fact, it’s safe to say that all organizations are at some stage of cloud migration. Although each company may approach cloud differently based on their respective business goals, there are foundational elements every company needs to establish for success in the cloud. Pekin Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. From Insurance Customer Communications to Customer Engagement: Differentiation in the Digital Age

Customer experience is a hot topic in the insurance industry whether you define your customer as the agent or the policyholder. The pace at which consumer expectations change makes customer satisfaction an elusive goal—especially when carriers often think of customer experience from the perspective of traditional functional silos.  However, in a world of customer-centric design, there Read More »

On-Demand Webcast! Panel Discussion. Personalized Policy: How Smart Digital Documents are Revolutionizing Insurance Communications

Insurers have struggled to communicate coverage in plain language to policyholders for reasons of both regulatory compliance and systems limitations. With Smart digital documents, insurers are now able to describe coverage in their communications in a way that his highly personalized to the policyholder and expressed in layman’s terms. Through the capacity of Smart documents Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Payments: The Moments of Truth That Make or Break Customer Retention

Insurers building digital engagement capabilities have much to gain: few competitors have made much progress, and even small improvements in customer satisfaction can add up to huge gains in revenue through the effects of customer loyalty on retention and cross-selling. Leading insurers have developed engagement strategies to communicate with customers through their preferred channels around Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Digital Insurance Transformation: Mobilizing Data in a Connected World

In this one-hour recorded webcast, industry experts discuss steps toward creating a truly digital enterprise which drives more efficient, reliable processes, a more collaborative work environment, and a powerful customer experience. You will learn: Ways to mobilize data for faster service, improved coverage, and better customer service; Why data normalization must be a part of Read More »

On-Demand Webcast. Digital Transformation in Insurance: Customer Experience is Key

Changing customer expectations, digital transformation, growth needs in the face of resource scarcity, and environmental concerns are impacting every industry, including insurers. These changes accelerate the demand for new customer value and an enhanced customer experience (CX) is key to creating this value. For many insurers, CX transformation is an active investment area and a critical Read More »