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Tractable adds former Microsoft CFO and investor John Connors to board

March 8, 2021 // Connors led several worldwide divisions at Microsoft, including finance, IT and global ops, and at Ignition Partners he invests in and serves as a board member of high-growth tech companies.

March 5, 2021

Integris Group Deploys ISI Enterprise Suite

March 5, 2021

KKR to Acquire Integrated Specialty Coverages

March 5, 2021

Hippo to Go Public through $5 Billion SPAC Transaction

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BrokerTech Ventures’ First Year: Q&A with John Jackovin

February 26, 2021 // How the distribution-focused accelerator, funding and match-making organization has flourished despite the headwinds of the pandemic during its debut year.

Platform from the Start: Q&A with Alec Miloslavsky, CEO, EIS

February 19, 2021 // Miloslavsky talks about the insurance platform as the vehicle for processing across lines of business, integrating an ecosystem of external capabilities, and delivering a customer experience on a par with top retailers. 


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White Paper: COVID-19 Implications for Cyber Risk

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Value Chain: A Conversation with Ajira AI

Podcast: AXA XL’s On-Demand Cyber Insurance Product: John Coletti, CUO


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Being There: Customer Experience Means Different Things to Different Customers

Jérémy Jawish CEO & Co-founder, Shift Technology

Insurance Partnerships: The Era of Digital Ecosystems

Rahul Nawab and Upendra Belhe EXL Service

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Live Webinar! Using Digital Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation

March 18, 2021 // Live Webinar!

On-Demand Webinar. How Insurance Carriers Are Adapting Their Go-To-Market Strategies Using Digital Advisor & Customer Tools

May 28, 2020 // On-Demand