FullscopeRMS Transforms Business with Majesco Absence Management Solution

Deployment of the solution to support the implementation of an absence management product to the reinsurance industry won Majesco a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award.

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FullscopeRMS, a subsidiary of Sun Life (Toronto) specializing in loss-prevention strategies, has deployed Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management to support the implementation of an absence management product to the reinsurance industry. The initiative resulted in Majesco (Morristown, N.J.) being named a recipient of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Financial Services.

Tyler Prince, EVP, Alliances & Channels, Salesforce.

“Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winners such as Majesco work relentlessly to enable their customers’ success,” comments Tyler Prince, EVP, Alliances & Channels, Salesforce. “Majesco’s initiative and ability to deliver results illustrates how Salesforce partners are integral to creating value and enabling digital transformation in our new work-from-anywhere world.”

“We’re thrilled to be recognized, along with our partner Majesco, as a recipient of the 2021 Salesforce Innovation Award for Financial Services,” says Kathy Serunian, AVP, Claims, Disability RMS—a subdivision of FullscopeRMS. “By partnering with Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management, built on the Salesforce Platform, we’ve been able to deliver an integrated disability and absence management experience for our clients as well as support their premium growth objectives.”

Kathy Serunian, AVP, Claims, Disability RMS.

FullscopeRMS chose the Majesco absence management solution, built on the Salesforce Platform, to introduce the first absence management product to the reinsurance industry, according to a vendor statement. The hierarchies within the Majesco solution, built on the Salesforce platform, supported FullscopeRMS’s complex needs, according to the vendor statement. Majesco says that additional capabilities within the absence management solution leveraged the Salesforce platform including workflows, task-triggered reminders and customized letter, email, and SMS communications to support specific policyholder needs tailored for each client. Majesco says its absence management solution and implementation accelerated new customer onboarding compared to other market solutions.

Majesco reports that its solution enhanced FullscopeRMS’ digital capabilities, integrating its internal disability claims platform with the vendor’s digital absence management software from without compromising security or customer service.

Deciding Factor in Sales Opportunities

Adam Elster, CEO, Majesco.

In the six months since the implementation FullscopeRMS added 30,000 covered lines to its book of business due to its expansion into absence management, which has been a differentiator and deciding factor in sales opportunities. The Absence offering increased the company’s 2021 YTD sales by 14 percent, resulting in a powerful market impact and an increase in top-line plans for 2021, according to the Majesco statement. The accelerated implementation processes allow new clients to onboard quickly, in as little as 90 days, and FullscopeRMS has received excellent market feedback from its existing customer base, other insurance carriers, brokers and employers across the market regarding implementation and user experience, the vendor says.

“This recognition for our customer and our absence management solution, highlight our focus on meeting the needs of a rapidly changing insurance industry with agility, innovation and speed,” comments Adam Elster, CEO, Majesco. “Absence management is increasingly a key benefit provided by insurers to meet the growing demands of a changing workforce. Majesco ClaimVantage Absence Management is recognized as the leading solution in the insurance industry, reflected by this recognition. We are thrilled for FullscopeRMS.”

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