The Shift in Transportation Mobility Patterns

Since the advent of COVID-19 Several trends have emerged that are shaping mobility’s ‘next normal’ and promising to have a long-lasting effect on the auto insurance and collision repair industries.

How to Sell Gen Z on an Insurance IT Career

It isn’t easy to convince technology graduates enamored with the tech giants to consider insurance. But your company is better positioned than you think.

AI and the Amazon Effect on Commercial Insurance

A successful AI-powered digital distribution strategy integrates tried-and-true customer relationship-building strategies with new data-driven digital experiences.

Is Insurance Missing Out on the Crypto Opportunity?

While the full potential of blockchain is yet to be revealed, its far-reaching applications, in combination with adjacent technologies, has the potential to transform every industry—including insurance.

Augmented Analytics Demystified for Insurance

By integrating artificial intelligence and natural language processing elements with traditional BI processes, augmented analytics will transform the insurance end-customer experience by data curation, revealing new insights, and making relevant information easily accessible 24X7.

Creating the Next Generation of Customer Experience

In today’s digital economy, customers expect better and personalized products, round-the-clock services, and frictionless online and offline experiences. Given ever-mounting customer expectations, how can enterprises attract and retain their customers?