Augmented Reality and the Human-Machine Partnership

As consumer technology companies continue to build out AR capabilities and telecom providers build out 5G infrastructure, the barriers to entry and challenges associated with launching AR initiatives will be lessened.

From POC to MVP—What’s Old is New Again

Sometimes what was thought to be old can be new again—or at least extendable and reusable. MVP can be realized by resurfacing your “legacy” POC experience. 

InsurTech 2021: Reset vs. Resume

Investors will become even more pragmatic and disciplined, narrowing their focus to more mature InsurTechs displaying measurable traction and whose products and services are higher on the insurance industry’s adoption curve.

RPA Can’t Think: Insurers Should Invest in Cognitive AI

While RPA is trendy at the moment, it’s not the most efficient AI solution for insurance companies to implement. Enterprises will continue to see an increasingly meaningful and foundational impact from cognitive solutions.

A Very Safe CES

Trends observable at the show that insurers must follow include the concept of ‘the home is a safe and secure space’ and monetizing the car as an infotainment center—both involving ecosystem partners.