How to Ensure Success in a Digital Transformation

To avoid loss of creditability, a ruthless adherence to a set of digital commandments is the only way to achieve the ultimate vision.

Understanding the Risk Factors of Your Business Forms

Every insurance business today is concerned with risk, yet something seemingly mundane that often flies under the risk radar is present in every insurance operation: forms. Knowing best practices for managing forms can help you prevent them from becoming business liabilities.

Will Insurers Be Connected to the Connected Car?

Auto insurers have a strategic imperative to not be left behind in the race to monetize connected car data, and there are several ways insurers can do this.

Reflections on ITC 2022

We’ve seen a decade of aggregators, DTC approaches, and a multitude of trends, learning, and changes in our 1.0 phase; the focus now is on what will help us build on what we’ve learned.

Anti-Fraud Innovation Is Critical to the Digital Claims Journey

As insurers explore emerging anti-fraud tech, there are several questions they should consider, such as whether the solution integrates with their claim systems, if it automates referrals, can they customize risk scoring based on their book of business, and, of course, what is the potential return on investment?