P&C Claims: 4 Themes for the Future

The combination of operations automation, insights from AI, human expertise augmentation, and advanced ecosystems will result in winning scenarios for insurers, claims professionals, and claimants.

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Enrollment Season

During the busiest time of the year for group carriers, AI can be leveraged to streamline quoting, optimize resources, automate manual tasks and eliminate duplication of effort before and during enrollment. 

The End of Enterprise Application Obsolescence?

Recent developments better support the continuous evolution of applications rather than the ‘boom and bust’ replacement life cycle that has dominated IT for the last 30 years.

How Tech Investments Yield Innovation for Insurers

Insurers who are prepared and who manage their IT investments with a business mindset of ecosystem integration will be prepared to convert these challenging days into a growth opportunity.

What’s Slowing Down Digital Transformation in Insurance?

Insurers can allay their fears about investing in new technology by making compliance a priority, getting all stakeholders aligned around digital transformation, ensuring the technology scales, and working around the constraints of legacy back-end systems.

Three Ways Insurance Ecosystems Drive Competitive Advantage

Ecosystems might be the single greatest opportunity for insurers to differentiate themselves in a period of rapid digital transformation, but only 5 percent of insurers can be considered ecosystem masters.

Profile of a Modern Reinsurer

State-of-the-art technology, data formats and service partner providers are now at hand to help put reinsurers in the catbird seat.