InsurTech: Not Dead but Different

Some InsurTechs will struggle, and there will even be some fatalities, but the majority of InsurTechs are making the necessary adjustments and operating successfully.

The Imperative for Analytical Rigor in Insurance

Having the discipline to dig deeper than just the headlines on an issue will be critically important to making the right decisions, at the right time, to be able to nimbly move into the future.

6 Ways You Use AI Every Day

AI doesn’t have to mean artificial; when used in conjunction with human expertise, AI becomes augmented intelligence—helping people accomplish tasks they were already doing much faster and more thoroughly than they could have done without it.

Using Personal Cloud to Create Value for Insurance Customers, Part II

With the rapid growth of devices in the home—smart phones, tablets, laptops and more—insurance companies can benefit by offering a total home digital protection package that protects consumer devices in addition to the content stored on the device.