Six Ways InsurTech Streamlines M&A

For companies seeking acquisitions, the right InsurTech can optimize that process from start to finish, and InsurTech can make smaller companies more attractive to potential buyers.

Destination Digital: Focus on CX Will Determine Winners in 2024

Carriers that invested wisely in digital transformation two to three years ago have now fully embedded advanced digital technologies into their operating models—and they’ve already seen their efforts bear fruit.

Fast Start For 2024: The Urgency of Talent Management

From a human capital standpoint, insurers need to take a portfolio view of their resources and align them more in a way that matches up with how technical and operational needs will continue to evolve in the future.

Will 2024 Be Better? Reflections on 2023 Venture Capital in InsurTech

Many founders have asked us in 2023, did investor pacing slow down? So, we tapped our network to get you access to the live data. And, we will use that data and our discussions with VCs in InsurTech to help you understand why and where we are going in 2024.

Insurance’s AI Revolution Has Already Begun

AI is already more ingrained in the insurance industry’s day-to-day than most people realize, and early adopters of the technology are already starting to reap the benefits—but much more is to come.