Zywave Product Enhancements Address Prospecting Challenges

Upgrades to the company’s flagship product Broker Briefcase include new tools and machine learning for improved functionality.

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Zywave, a Milwaukee, Wisc.-based InsurTech provider of sales management and client delivery solutions, has announced the introduction of several new features within its flagship product, Broker Briefcase. Enhancements to the sales and marketing platform provide improved functionality for both finding and engaging prospects, helping to accelerate agency growth, as well as incorporate advanced machine learning that continually analyzes system data to surface the most relevant content for users, according to a Zywave statement. The vendor says the new version comes after 25 percent increase in R&D from 2018 to 2019.

“While Broker Briefcase is best known for its comprehensive content library, Zywave has significantly increased R&D in 2019, bringing new features to the tech platform to help make agency operations run more efficiently and effectively,” says Eric Rentsch, VP, product management, Zywave. “The latest enhancements make identifying prospects easier and also help streamline communications with them.”

Eric Rentsch, VP, Product Management, Zywave.

New product features include the following, by Zywave’s description:

  • Zywave Leads: Broker Briefcase Benefits Editionusers have the ability to instantly access thousands of leads based on 5500 filings, which are now complimented with company signer contact information. Brand new to Broker Briefcase P&C Edition, users can access and download information on companies in their geographic area based on recent OSHA violations. Both regularly updated databases can be searched by industry, location and employee count, and results can be exported or search results saved. These resources are a convenient way to identify potential leads and fill the producer pipeline.
  • Enhanced Email Distributions: In response to demand from Zywave’s partners, Broker Briefcase users can now send emails directly to prospects through Broker Briefcase, independent of content from within the platform. This means agencies can quickly engage prospects with custom messages within a single communications tool.

In limited release, Zywave has also introduced an advance preview of a new feature called Smart Content Delivery, which will be fully released in 2020 within Zywave’s Content Cloud, a portfolio of content-based applications for client engagement and education. Zywave describes the new feature as follows.

  • Smart Content Delivery– Instead of relying on point and click search to find the best content for a given account, Zywave’s advanced software uses account data to dynamically recommend the most relevant or “smart content” for each client. This use of machine learning helps brokers easily find the best information within the content library for each client—based on line of business, state, industry and number of employees—which can then be efficiently delivered to their prospects and customers.

Broker Briefcase’s content library includes videos, guides and toolkits that cover topics from risk management and benefits design strategies to workplace wellness, timely compliance updates, and others, according to the vendor.

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