Zurich North America Selects Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

The solution enabled Zurich to decrease the time to process complex queries and produce business-critical, end-of-month reports by 55 percent.

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Zurich North America (Schaumburg, Ill.) part of Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), has selected Yellowbrick (Mountain View, Calif.0 to replace its legacy on-premise data warehouse with a robust cloud-based architecture. Yellowbrick reports that it has enabled Zurich to decrease the time to produce business-critical, end-of-month reports by 55 percent. The insurer was also able to accelerate SAS processes from hours to minutes, a vendor statement says.

Denise Birdsell, Head of IT Data Management, Zurich North America.

“In choosing a cloud data warehouse provider, we were focused on two main things: price for performance and ease of migration,” relates Denise Birdsell, Head of IT Data Management, Zurich North America.  “Yellowbrick met our needs in both key areas and has begun to establish a strong relationship with us.”

Birdsell notes that Zurich North America runs complex workloads that require Postgres compatibility, seamless integrations with Informatica, and hybrid cloud flexibility. “Our choice to move forward with Yellowbrick benefits our large-scale, end-of-month reporting needs and allows us to update our risk models and reporting environment faster than ever before,” she says.

Zurich offers property, casualty, and life insurance products and services. Its customers range from individuals to small, mid-sized, and multinational companies. The company sought a solution that could synthesize its massive quantity of multinational datasets for day-to-day use and company-wide reporting, according to the vendor statement. Yellowbrick says it differentiated itself by running complex test queries on an 80TB dataset, with over 100 concurrent reports executing simultaneously. Yellowbrick reports that it outpaced Zurich’s current solution, delivering results in seconds as opposed to days.

Neil Carson, CEO and Co-founder, Yellowbrick.

Elastic Data Warehouse

“As a leading insurance provider, Zurich’s key focus areas include optimizing monthly reporting and claims-handling processes and protecting against the next risk,” comments Neil Carson, CEO and Co-founder, Yellowbrick. “Yellowbrick’s elastic data warehouse helps Zurich gain critical business insight from their data including validating insurance pricing and evaluating data on policies sold and claims made. With our low acquisition and operating costs combined with high performance, we are fundamentally changing the economics of enterprise data warehousing. We look forward to seeing continued results and evolving with Zurich’s business.”

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