Xuber Upgrade Studio Tool Addresses Data Migration Challenge of Insurance Modernization

The data migration automation and control tool enables analysis of source data, data migration planning, and data migration management.

(Xuber’s Upgrade Studio migration process. Image courtesy of the vendor.)

Xuber has launched Upgrade Studio, an application designed to control and automate the data migration process associated with system changes – often the riskiest and most costly aspect of insurance core systems modernization.

“Historically data migration has always been time consuming, risky and an expensive part of adopting new technology,” comments Craig Beattie, senior analyst, Celent. “Insurers don’t have to face this challenge alone and certainly shouldn’t look to reinvent the data migration wheel with each migration. Tried and tested migration tools are key to future proofing technology and maintaining technology’s role as an enabler to its customers and the industry as a whole.”

Craig Beattie, Celent.

Craig Beattie, Celent.

Upgrade Studio assists insurers in three ways, according to a vendor statement, enabling them to analyze source data, plan a migration and then manage the migration process. It specifically addresses the challenges of managing large volumes of complex data, while providing customers with greater insight through customized reports on data migration metrics. By reducing these risks, customers can confidently move to new and more innovative systems, leading to opportunities for business growth, the Xuber statement claims.

Many insurers may delay modernization because of the challenges and costs of data migration, suggests Adrian Morgan, head of Xuber. “Insurance data is complex and transferring a large amount can prove challenging. We understand that businesses cannot afford to put the brakes on, and that accuracy, speed and ease of transition are critical in upgrading systems,” he comments.

“Upgrade Studio addresses the need to manage and maintain the quality of data complexity during the migration process, ensuring the customer is left with a smooth transition throughout,” Morgan adds.

Customers looking to migrate to the Xuber platform from both existing Xuber systems and third-party systems can benefit from Upgrade Studio, the vendor statement asserts. The tool sits within Upgrade Methodology, an end-to-end transition framework to support the entire data migration process.

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