WTW Launches Tailored Cyber Insurance Solution for SMEs

Through partnerships with top-tier carriers, WTW offers a tailored solution providing quick and easy access to competitive insurance quotes through self-service quoting platforms.

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WTW (London), a global advisory, broking, and solutions company, has announced the availability of suitable and affordable cyber coverage for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to address the significant threats that such companies face today.

WTW says its newest cyber solution is crafted to meet the unique needs of SMEs spanning industries in North America. Tailored for businesses with annual revenues under $50 million, including start-ups and pre-revenue accounts, WTW says this solution addresses historical challenges faced by SMEs in traditional underwriting processes that often favor larger enterprises—which has often left SMEs vulnerable due to limited access to affordable and robust coverage.

Jessica Klipphahn, NA Head of MM Cyber/E&O, WTW.

In response to those concerns, WTW reports that it has strategically partnered with leading cyber insurance carriers dedicated to serving the unique needs of SMEs. The tailored solution provides quick and easy access to competitive insurance quotes through self-service quoting platforms, according to WTW. The company says it has also allocated dedicated underwriting staff to focus on the specific needs of SMEs and offers policyholder resources, including tools and support to implement and maintain robust cybersecurity measures.

Strategic Partnerships with Top-Tier Cyber Insurance Carriers

“This moment signifies a transformative effort, dedicated to addressing the distinctive challenges SMEs face in the realm of cybersecurity,” says Jessica Klipphahn, NA Head of MM Cyber/E&O, WTW. “Through strategic partnerships with top-tier cyber insurance carriers and the delivery of resources, we assure SMEs access to affordable and comprehensive coverage. This initiative not only resolves concerns previously facing SMEs but also positions cybersecurity as an integral and manageable component of their business strategy and enterprise risk management.”

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