Wonderbox Technologies Debuts Enterprise System 6.0 with Enhanced Functionality, Performance and Security

The vendor has aligned the Enterprise System with the latest versions of its underlying Microsoft technology to ensure that health payers and other clients receive the fastest, most reliable performance for processing high volumes of automated transactions.

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Wonderbox Technologies, (Mequon, Wisc.; a SKYGEN USA company) has released version 6.0 its Enterprise System 6.0 benefit management platform. The new version features enhancements in overall performance and security, as well as a lengthy list of specific upgrades driven by changes in regulations for health payers or that meet their requests for specific functionality, the vendor reports.

Wonderbox Technologies has experienced explosive growth over the last few years owing to its commitment to meeting customers’ needs, according to Darrin Haehle, the company’s CIO and president. “The release of Version 6.0 will help them maintain that advantage,” he comments. “Our clients are facing many challenges in a changing health insurance landscape, and we want to be sure our technology isn’t one of those challenges. With this new release they will be prepared for whatever is thrown at them for many years to come.”

Darrin Haehle, President and CIO, Wonderbox Technologies.

Darrin Haehle, President and CIO, Wonderbox Technologies.

The “cornerstone” of the current upgrade was a focus has focused on taking full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014, according to Wonderbox. Aligning the Enterprise System with the latest versions of its underlying technology ensures health payers and other clients receive the fastest, most reliable performance for processing high volumes of automated transactions while also taking advantage of the most recent cloud-based and other security enhancements introduced by Microsoft, the vendor says.

Responding to client request, Wonderbox developed what it calls one of the most visible changes in Enterprise System 6.0: the ability it gives payers and other clients to customize their provider portals to match the look and look and feel of their corporate websites and other brand standards. Clients can now add their own logos and graphics, select colors and fonts and even create URLs that follow their protocols, reinforcing who is providing this service every time a provider uses the portal to check eligibility, submit a claim, look into reimbursement or take dozens of other self-service actions, according to the vendor.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Enterprise System 6.0 also adds enhanced business intelligence capabilities that the vendor says assist health payers and other clients generate more granular analytics through expanded data warehouses and online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes.

“The redesign will provide our clients with faster, more efficient access to mission-critical information through their dashboards,” a vendor source says. “For example, a report showing paid claims data for the last five years could take several minutes or longer to run under older configurations. With Enterprise System 6.0, the same data request will be available through the dashboard in seconds, helping payers and other clients make faster, more timely business decisions.”

Wonderbox describes additional enhancements introduced in Enterprise System 6.0 as follows:

Craig Kasten, Chairman, SKYGEN USA.

Craig Kasten, Chairman, SKYGEN USA.

  • A new electronic import module that consolidates enrollment and transaction data imports.
  • Support for withholding funds from claims payments and releasing the funds to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
  • One-click support for authorization documentation.
  • Redesign of the portal management module, enabling functionality such as the application of global settings to multiple web portals for ease of maintenance and creation of default groups that simplify initial setup.
  • Multiple enhancements to the executive dashboard, including the addition of a financial tab, a new enrollment tab that offers statistics on subscribers and members and augmentation of the claims and member services dashboards.

“Any time you have an upgrade on the left side of the decimal point it’s no small achievement,” comments Craig Kasten, chairman of the board and co-founder of SKYGEN USA. “It is the culmination of a lot of hard work by multiple teams within Wonderbox Technologies. The health insurance industry has undergone tremendous upheaval in the past few years, so we want to be sure we’re helping our clients stay ahead of those changes. The release of Enterprise System 6.0 continues to demonstrate Wonderbox Technologies’ position as a leader and innovator in the benefit management software space.”

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