Wolters Kluwer Launches Defined Benefit Compliance Software within ftwilliam

The solution broadens Wolters Kluwer’s portfolio to serve a wider range of retirement professionals in financial and insurance Institutions, TPAs, and actuaries.

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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  (New York) has announced the launch of the Defined Benefit Compliance Software on ftwilliam. The vendor describes the new offering as a 100 percent cloud-based defined benefit solution and the only new defined benefit software in the industry. The softwre features a modern user interface and seamless integration with document and forms modules, according to a Wolters Kluwer statement.

Wolters Kluwer places the launch within an evolving regulatory environment continues, which accelerates retirement professionals’ need for modern secure cloud solutions. By adding Defined Benefit software, Wolters Kluwer says it has made the ftwilliam retirement services solution a truly full-service suite with compliance, plan documents, forms and distribution tracking for all qualified and non-qualified plans.

Chris Sullivan, VP and General Manager, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.

“As the market leader in cloud-based solutions for retirement professionals, Wolters Kluwer continues to invest in ftwilliam’s cutting edge technology,” comments Chris Sullivan, VP and General Manager for the Transactional & Retirement Portfolio for Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. “Defined Benefit Compliance software is our latest move to strengthen ftwilliam’s reputation for driving innovation, streamlining workflows and providing world-class support for our customers.”

Complete Valuation, testing and Proposal System

The new solution within ftwilliam provides a complete valuation, testing and proposal system designed to increase efficiency for retirement plan service providers, TPAs, actuaries and accounting firms that administer defined benefit and defined benefit/defined contribution plans, according to Wolters Kluwer. It alleviates the business risks inherent in dated, non-web-based software. Integration with ftwilliam document and forms software eliminates the pain point of duplicative data entry for combination plan valuations, testing, and proposals, the vendor says. Wolters Kluweer reports that the solution is also accessible from any location and doesn’t require hardware or patches to install, allowing TPAs and actuaries to securely share data and access instantaneous regulatory updates.

Wolters Kluwer describes ftwilliam as a cloud-based employee benefits and pension software which includes state-of-the-art benefits documents, forms, and compliance systems for benefits and pension professionals. The ftwilliam product line currently consists of cloud-based software for retirement, welfare and non-qualified documents; government forms, and compliance testing and reporting.  They also offer other unique tools that help our customers increase their efficiency such as ftwPortal Pro, ftwProposal Pro and ftwPro Amend.

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