Win Your Agents with Extraordinary Customer Experience

To gain a competitive edge, implementing an Agent Portal delivers genuinely valuable and satisfying experiences that result in more productive and loyal agents.

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This is the third blog in a series on our Fall ’22 Release. Over the next few months, we will continue to spotlight how Majesco is helping insurers achieve relentless innovation and meet the ever-changing market needs with an outside in approach.

The insurance industry is no longer a tiresome game of cold calls and pitch decks, but a concerted effort to improve service offerings that meet the expectations of digital customers and partners in the industry. To gain a competitive edge, implementing an Agent Portal delivers genuinely valuable and satisfying experiences that result in more productive and loyal agents. Majesco has been relentlessly innovating digital-native capabilities enabling insurance carriers to develop superior agent portal experiences that would lead to higher new business volume and retention.

Your Brand is What Your Users Experience

In our Fall ’22 Release, we introduced Majesco Digital Agent360 for P&C, a digital-native agent experience for quoting, reporting a claim, endorsing policies, payments, and other sales, and servicing needs. Pre-integrated with Majesco P&C Core Suite, Agent360 provides faster ways to offer self-service capabilities to both captive and retail agents.

Most insurance carriers are exploring ways to empower their agents by offering self-service capabilities with intuitive customer experience, hoping to divert more quoting opportunities to result in business growth. Agent360 is designed to resonate with agents and benefit their policyholders by streamlining sales & service workflows into a central hub that makes it easier and quicker for agents to sell insurance products and get required visibility to render personalized service to their customers.

When Agents Win, Carriers Win—Keeping that in mind, Agent360 is designed to deliver the following:

  • Agents can reduce their time spent on new business up to 70 percent. Agents can reduce their costs and carriers will see higher quote volume.
  • Self-service capabilities to enhance agent efficiency in servicing customers resulting in higher profitability for both agents and carriers.
  • Ease of doing business through centralized dashboards with access to top 20 agent functions that will improve agent loyalty and business retention.

Digital-native experiences bring increased transparency, fiscal growth, and flexibility to the insurance process, addressing the need for data-driven mechanisms to predict and meet demand. Majesco Digital Agent360 for P&C not only meets these demands but gives enterprise systems a digital edge over the competition by building a better workflow for agents.

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Manish Shah // Manish Shah is President & Chief Product Officer at Majesco, a provider of core insurance platform software and consulting services to insurance carriers worldwide. Shah is responsible for management and development of software products for the company’s global insurance business and works on strategic directions for the Majesco as a member of leadership team. Prior to the merger of Cover-All and Majesco, Manish was President and CEO of Cover-All and served on its Board of Directors. Before being named CEO in July 2013, Manish was Cover-All’s Chief Technology Officer and also responsible for sales and operations, including strategic planning, customer relationships and product management.

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