Why Better Data Management Improves the Workforce Benefits Journey

Without a seamless view of each individual insured, benefits providers and their employer customers are missing out on creating the right annual enrollment program offerings, accurate pricing structures and attractive policy packages for each employee demographic.

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Samantha Chow // Samantha Chow is the Life, Annuity, & Health Markets Lead with EIS, bringing 21 years of experience in the life insurance and annuity industry. She has deep expertise in product development, pricing strategies, competitive intelligence, operational process improvement, underwriting, claims, policy administration, and change management. Prior to joining EIS, Mrs. Chow gained her career level expertise from New York Life and AFLAC where she held roles such as corporate vice president of business productivity and innovation and director of research. Ms. Chow was focused on growing enterprise-wide capabilities for facilitating transformational and cultural change, digital transformation, improving the customer experience, innovation, and competitive advancement.