Warranty Inspection Services Adopts Truepic Authentication Technology

The platform helps WIS save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency through authenticated images and videos.

(Image source: Truepic.)

Warranty Inspection Services (WIS; Richmond, Va.), an automotive inspection company specializing in mechanical breakdown inspections, has adopted Truepic’s (San Diego) virtual inspection platform, Truepic Vision. The platform helps WIS save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency through authenticated images and videos, according to a Truepic statement.

“We pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service through speed, accuracy, and reliability,” comments Mitch Rand, President, WIS. “Our partnership with Truepic has enabled us to accelerate inspection time and improve efficiency, providing our customers with an enhanced customer experience while maximizing productivity.”

WIS’s adoption of the Truepic Vision platform improves customer experience by enabling self-inspection when a physical inspection isn’t necessary, according to the Truepic statement. WIS can now request and review trusted documentation from anywhere in the world. Shops are guided through a customizable, branded inspection experience on their mobile device. The Truepic Vision virtual inspection app verifies each image or video as it is captured. WIS then reviews the inspection results and aggregates and delivers a completed report with verified photos, the vendor statement explains.

Craig Stack, Founder and COO, Truepic.

The efficiency gains provided by Truepic Vision enables WIS to speed up the claim approval process and associated turnaround time, the vendor adds. Truepic says the platform boosts efficiency by shortening vehicle hold times and increasing service bay capacity. Reducing repair cycle times also allows WIS to save money by decreasing loaner and rental car utilization.

Greater Efficiency, Better Experience for Customers

“We are fortunate to have a strong partnership with WIS and look forward to expanding our services with them,” comments Craig Stack, Founder and President, Truepic. “WIS and Truepic are delivering innovative solutions that enable shops to save time and money while providing a better experience for customers. Virtual inspections using authenticated images and videos drive significant efficiency without disrupting current processes.”

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