Verisk’s New ISO ClaimSearch Accelerator Receives Ready for Guidewire Designation

The accelerator gives Guidewire ClaimCenter v10 users’ customers rapid access to claims intelligence, anti-fraud insights.

(Image source: Verisk ISO ClaimSearch Accelerator for Guidewire Claim Center page.)

Verisk (Jersey City, N.J.), a provider of data analytics to the insurance industry, has announced a new ISO ClaimSearch accelerator for Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.) ClaimCenter v10. The accelerator enables customers that use ClaimCenter v10 to seamlessly access the real-time claim analysis, valuable alerts, and actionable insights available through the ISO ClaimSearch platform, according to a Verisk statement.

Carlos Martins, SVP, ISO ClaimSearch Solutions Group, Verisk Insurance Solutions.

Verisk describes ISO ClaimSearch as the most comprehensive source of property/casualty loss history records available to the industry and provides innovative claims intelligence, fraud detection, and compliance reporting capabilities to improve claims processing. Customers that use Guidewire ClaimCenter 10 can now quickly access these capabilities within their claim systems, as well as other Verisk applications they subscribe to via the new accelerator, the vendor says.

Meeting Customer Expectations

“Fast access to loss history details and claim insights is critical to accelerating claims processes and meeting customer expectations,” comments Carlos Martins, SVP, ISO Claims Solutions, Verisk. “We’re pleased that the new accelerator enables our customers that use Guidewire ClaimCenter 10 to quickly and efficiently access all the features of ISO ClaimSearch as well as a full suite of claims solutions that can help improve efficiency and mitigate risk.”

Verisk is a member of the Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution program, a network of select companies that provide complementary software, technology, data, and insurance support solutions to enhance and extend the capabilities of Guidewire products. Guidewire is also a member of Verisk Strategic Alliances and licenses a wide variety of ISO data, information, and related products.

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