Verisk Launches Web Integration Option for 360Value Homeowners Replacement Cost Estimates

The new 360Value integration option gives homeowners the opportunity to calculate the replacement cost estimate.

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Verisk Insurance Solutions has announced that it will launch a new web integration option for 360Value, the vendor’s web-based homeowners cost estimator, that significantly enhances the customer experience by enabling home insurance buyers to calculate a replacement cost estimate as part of an online quoting process.

Scott Amussen, VP, Verisk Insurance Solutions.

Scott Amussen, VP, Verisk Insurance Solutions.

“Several of our clients have already integrated 360Value directly into their online homeowners quoting platforms,” comments Scott Amussen, VP, Verisk Insurance Solutions, responsible for 360Value. “Changing demographics, new technology, and increasing customer experience expectations are transforming how homeowners insurance is bought and sold. We’re helping our clients build industry-leading online homeowners quoting platforms focused on customer engagement.”

The new 360Value integration option gives homeowners the opportunity to calculate the replacement cost estimate. Verisk Insurance Solution says that it supports quick and easy estimates by prefilling property-specific information when a homeowner enters an address. It also lets property owners thoroughly validate the details of the home’s property characteristics and add additional information to make sure the replacement cost estimation is reliable, according to the vendor. 360Value is tied very closely to Xactware’s industry-standard claims data, giving homeowners even more confidence that they’re properly insured when a claim is necessary.

“Verisk is the only company to offer this online interface designed with the customer in mind, adds Amussen. “Our new integration option gives property owners more insight into the reconstruction quoting process. It increases transparency when estimating reconstruction costs and lets customers see the basis of the replacement cost estimate.”

Device Agnostic

The new integration option can support replacement cost estimation on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, the vendor reports. It can be used for web-based quoting or integrated into any web-based policy management system as the standard 360Value interface for agents, underwriters, and customer service representatives. The interface and terminology were designed to be simple for homeowners to use, Verisk Insurance Solutions notes.

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