Verisk Expands Anti-Fraud Capabilities with FRISS, Globlue Partnerships

The partners will join the Verisk Claims Solutions ecosystem by integrating with Verisk’s ClaimSearch platform, which includes the world’s largest P&C claims database.

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Verisk (Jersey City, N.J.), a leading global data analytics and technology provider, today announced two new collaborations with insurance technology companies designed to enhance fraud detection and analysis in the insurance claims process. FRISS (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Globlue Technologies (Houston) will join the Verisk Claims Solutions ecosystem by integrating with Verisk’s ClaimSearch platform, which the vendor says includes the world’s largest property/casualty claims database, containing over 1.7 billion claims from across the U.S.

Shane Riedman, General Manager, Anti-Fraud Solutions, Verisk.

Verisk characterizes its ClaimSearch platform as playing a crucial role in combating the estimated $309 billion annual toll insurance fraud imposes on American businesses and consumers by providing P&C carriers with access to claims data, advanced fraud detection and investigative analysis tools. The platform connects more than 200,000 professionals from carriers, regulatory agencies, law enforcement and claim service providers.

“Verisk is uniquely positioned to serve the insurance industry by providing the platform to support the P&C claims ecosystem,” Shane Riedman, VP, general manager, anti-fraud analytics, Verisk. “By integrating with FRISS and Globlue Technologies, we’re not just expanding the ecosystem—we’re also setting new benchmarks in the fight against fraud. ClaimSearch serves as the foundation for insurance fraud detection and prevention. This collaboration equips our clients and partners with unparalleled insights and tools, expanding the industry’s ability to stop fraudulent claims.”

Strengthening the P&C Anti-Fraud Ecosystem

Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO, FRISS.

Verisk says the ClaimSearch Partnership enables insurance technology providers to integrate with the ClaimSearch platform, allowing insurers to select the technology that best fits their individual business needs.

The integration aims to facilitate advanced fraud analysis and detection, including more complex scoring and triaging to improve decision-making, according to the vendor. It also eliminates the manual fraud detection process, saving valuable time and reducing operational costs for end-users, according to Verisk.

Adrian Silva, President and CEO, Globlue Technologies.

“We are thrilled to participate in this ecosystem partnership with Verisk,” comments Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO and co-founder, FRISS. “FRISS is excited to partner with Verisk’s ClaimSearch platform to inject invaluable data and insights within the FRISS Score. This will enable mutual Verisk and FRISS customers to detect fraud with much higher accuracy and predictability. We are eager to collaborate on this transformative journey with Verisk to bring more efficiency and impact to the anti-fraud community.”

“Through this integration, mutual customers will leverage ARKHOS Analytics’ enhanced identity resolution, which provides advanced intelligence and analytics capabilities,” says Adrian Silva, president and CEO, Globlue Technologies. “This brings carriers’ investigative data, third-party data and Verisk data together in a single dashboard, allowing analysts to perform advanced analysis in real-time, accelerating the data-to-decision process, as it relates to fraud detection.”

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