Verint’s OpinionLab Acquisition Adds VoC Solution to Customer Engagement Portfolio

The acquisition broadens the vendor’s capabilities for listening, analyzing and acting on the voice of the customer across all channels—digital, voice, text and social.

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Verint Systems (Melville, N.Y.) has added voice-of-the-customer (VoC) capabilities to its Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio through the acquisition of OpinionLab, a provider of continuous VoC listening solutions designed to drive smarter, real-time digital engagement.

Verint explains the acquisition in the context of an emerging strategic imperative to use VoC solutions to enable organizations to measure and enhance customer experiences, satisfaction and loyalty. As more companies’ customer engagements take a “digital-first” approach for conducting research and performing transactions, companies need to measure their customers’ digital experiences and quickly act on those insights to enhance both the customer experience and business performance, a Verint statement elaborates.

Elan Moriah, president, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint.

Elan Moriah, president, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint.

The vendor’s acquisition of OpinionLab, which it describes as a leader in customer-initiated digital channel VoC, extends the vendor’s Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio to include the ability to measure and act on digital customer experiences in-the-moment. With this addition, the vendor says it has broadened its capabilities for listening, analyzing and acting on the VoC across all channels—digital, voice, text and social.

“Customer experience is a centerpiece of CenturyLink’s strategy and critical to how we measure success,” explains Derek Koecher, senior VP, corporate strategy and business development, CenturyLink. “As our customers continue to engage us across channels, our combined Verint and OpinionLab solutions will enable us to measure and act even more effectively on their experiences throughout the customer journey.”

Through their combined capabilities Verint and OpinionLab enable organizations to benefit from actionable intelligence across all engagement channels and harnessing the VoC to better anticipate and take action; deliver consistent, personalized service; foster seamless transitions from digital to other service channels; and connect the complete customer journey, the Verint statement asserts.

“Capturing, analyzing and acting on the voice of the customer are critical for any organization in any industry,” comments Elan Moriah, president, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint. “With the OpinionLab combination, we’re taking voice of the customer to a new level by giving organizations a complete solution for improving the customer experience across engagement channels.”

“OpinionLab is a great addition to our Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio, and we’re delighted to welcome its employees and customers into the Verint family,” Moriah adds.

“OpinionLab is very pleased to join forces with Verint, a market leader in customer engagement that shares a vision for the importance of listening to customers on their terms, and responding quickly and effectively on the feedback they share,” comments Sean Fallon, CEO, OpinionLab. “Now, if a customer can say it, write it or click it, Verint and OpinionLab voice of the customer solutions can collect, analyze and enable organizations to take action on it.”

Verint and OpinionLab Measure the VoC Across All Customer Channels

As a result of the acquisition, Verint and OpinionLab customers now have access to the following portfolio of VoC solutions to measure and improve the customer experience across assisted and self-service channels, as described in the Verint statement:

Enterprise Feedback Management: for measuring and analyzing a company’s relationships with its customers and employees. EFM delivers “company-initiated feedback” from customers and employees. It enables companies to proactively collect, analyze and act on feedback captured on phone, email, SMS, web and mobile devices, and provide cross-channel reporting and analysis.

Digital Feedback Management (OpinionLab): for measuring and analyzing digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices. It delivers “customer-initiated feedback” that enables companies to analyze and act on feedback in real-time during key moments in the digital customer journey.

Speech Analytics: for measuring and analyzing voice interactions. Speech analytics can transcribe and analyze 100 percent of recorded phone interactions, and automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, categories and themes to reveal trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Text and Social Analytics: for measuring and analyzing text- and social-based interactions. Text and social analytics uncover actionable intelligence from interactions taking place via email, web chat, social media, surveys and customer forums, and provide deeper insights into customer sentiment, service experiences and more.

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