ValueMomentum BizDynamics v1.3 Aims at Rapid Rollout of Digital CX

The new release enhances BizDynamics’ studios to equip insurers to design and deploy digital apps for agents, customers and employees with greater speed and ease.

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ValueMomentum Inc., a Piscataway, N.J.-based provider of software and services to the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries, has announced the availability of Version 1.3 of its BizDynamics – Digital Engagement Platform. The vendor reports that the new release enhances BizDynamics’ studios to equip insurers to design and deploy digital apps for agents, customers and employees with greater ease.

“BizDynamics was built to enable insurance companies to harness the opportunities presented by Digital and build delightful digital experiences for agents, customers and employees involved in buying and servicing insurance,” comments Anant Iyer, Chief Product Executive, ValueMomentum.

Anant Iyer, Chief Product Executive, ValueMomentum.

“The current insurance environment is rife with constant change,” Iyer adds. “Insurance companies need flexible and robust platforms that not only offer out-of-the-box experiences, but also those that enable them to modify such experiences based on evolving needs—such as connecting applications to new sources of data and customizing digital experiences for partners.”

BizDynamics gives insurers exceptional speed-to-market in providing digital experiences whereby they can easily differentiate through their unique approach to interacting with their customers, according to Jim Carlucci, Senior VP, Insurance, ValueMomentum. “With BizDynamics, insurers get a modern set of capabilities to execute like the insurtechs,” he comments.

ValueMomentum describes the benefits of the new release as follows:

Enhancements to Out-of-the-box digital experiences:

  • New account search and clearance capabilities including additional parameters for duplicate account check;
  • Intuitive transaction history pane to access all prior policy transaction;
  • Form chooser module to enable search and present price-bearing forms and corresponding schedules to speed up the quoting process; categorization of forms into mandatory, conditional, optional and conditionally optional;
  • Endorsement capabilities to enable changes to the existing coverage before policy expiry date; and
  • Ability to enable agents to personalize and access notifications from the insurer – email, call, SMS based on time of day or day of week.

Enhancements to BizDynamics Studios to enable rapid roll out of digital experiences:

  • Richer drag and drop capability in the experience builder module to tailor apps easily and rapidly, without need to develop code;
  • Ability to have multiple teams work in parallel to configure digital experiences;
  • A quick navigation pane to provide access to resources library; and
  • Video player widget to present relevant information via a video to a user at an appropriate point so as to educate, guide and promote the insurer’s products and coverages.

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