USAA Adopts HOVER to Help Digitize Claims

The vendor’s proprietary technology will help quicken claims response time by leveraging smartphone photos and an easy-to-use app.

(Image source: HOVER.)

USAA (San Antonio) has adopted HOVER (San Francisco), a technology platform that provides desk adjusters with up-to-date photos and property measurements, to help digitize parts of the property claims process for the financial services company’s over 13 million members. USAA’s adoption of HOVER will provide greater convenience and will help save time with some inspections in the claims process, according to a vendor statement.

Sean Serafin, VP, Claims Operations, USAA.

“During the pandemic, we’ve been laser-focused on accelerating our digital capabilities and finding new ways to serve our members in a rapidly evolving world,” comments Sean Serafin, VP, Claims Operations, USAA. “Enhancing our capabilities to handle claims virtually is a big part of this digital shift and HOVER is an important part of the experience.”

HOVER describes its technology as delivering detailed property measurements with just a few smartphone photos in a matter of minutes. For example, aerial roof measurements can take up to four hours to receive, while HOVER says can deliver roof measurement reports in as little as thirty minutes.

HOVER says it will also streamline workflows for USAA field staff, catastrophe management staff, and desk adjusters. By delivering full measurement packages and interactive 3D models, HOVER says it enables USAA adjusters to quickly and accurately manage their claims. USAA can use HOVER’s mobile app for field use, and can also engage members directly by inviting them to take their own photos via HOVER Connect.

A.J. Altman, founder and CEO, HOVER.

“As a former Marine and a longtime USAA member, I’m proud of the role HOVER is playing in the digital transformation of the organization,” comments A.J. Altman, founder and CEO of HOVER. “As we deepen our relationship with USAA and expand our product offerings, we will remain focused on delivering value for our insurance partners and continue improving the homeowner experience.”

Last fall, Hover  announced a $60 million Series D financing round filled out by venture arms of leading insurance companies in the U.S.

HOVER Secures $60M for Property Repair 3D Mobile Imaging Platform

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