Understanding Customers’ Mindset Through the Six Dimensions of the ‘Insurance Cube’

While each of these factors are interconnected, evaluating a company on each of these separately can provide a useful framework to determine competitive readiness. It can also be a useful guide to help determine strategies for the future.

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Kannan Amaresh // Kannan Amaresh, Senior Vice President & Global Head Insurance, Industry Head Financial Services, Global Technology Services Executive at Infosys is a professional chartered accountant with more than 25 years of experience in the areas of banking, finance and risk management. Amaresh has spent over 20 years at Infosys, initially as the head of consulting for Infosys’ BFSI division, followed by his current role as the global industry head for financial services where he manages global client relationships across Europe and North America. He is an established thought leader in the industry, with a particular focus on risk management and rise of AI and consumer services. Amaresh is also an inventor, with a patent pending in the U.S. for his seminal work on “Predicting Financial Impact of Business Framework.”