Trygg-Hansa Selects Guidewire Cloud for Claims

The Swedish insurer selected Guidewire ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud to enhance customer satisfaction, and to achieve future-proofing and Scalability

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Trygg-Hansa Försäkring (Stockholm), the Swedish branch of Tryg Forsikring A/S (Copenhagen) the largest provider of general insurance services in the Nordics, and Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.) have announced that Trygg-Hansa has chosen Guidewire ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud to power its claims operations.

Anne Nørklit Lønborg, CIO, Tryg.

“With the Guidewire Cloud platform already in use across the Tryg group in Denmark and Norway, it makes perfect sense to employ ClaimCenter for Trygg-Hansa,” comments Anne Nørklit Lønborg, CIO, Tryg. “Indeed, a common claims system across our Scandinavian organisations gives us important strategic advantages. By using the same platform throughout Tryg we will have a future-proofed solution that is scalable, simple, and stable. We will develop our claims system together and take advantage of the knowledge, experience, and functionality available throughout the businesses. In the long run, this can mean new products, partnerships, and happier customers.”

“By selecting ClaimCenter we expect the built-in process support will allow us to provide consistently good quality and equal treatment of all our customers,” comments Annika Persson, Head of Claims, Trygg-Hansa. “In addition, the ability to deliver straight-through processing should ensure shorter overall lead time and deliver more efficient customer service. We anticipate that from a customer relationship perspective, there will be increased transparency and an easier journey for our customers throughout their claims experience.”

Will McAllister, Managing Director – EMEA, Guidewire.

Digitization of Claims

“Guidewire is delighted that Trygg-Hansa has selected ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud through their strategic initiative to deliver claims excellence to their customers in Sweden,” comments Will McAllister, Managing Director – EMEA, Guidewire. “We look forward to enabling Trygg-Hansa to simplify their claims processes through the digitalization and automation of their claims operations, with the latter being delivered by Autopilot Workflow Service, which has been developed in cooperation with Tryg.”

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