TruChoice Launches i-Factor Platform for Advisors

The online suite of innovative tools for financial professionals offers data-driven decision-making ability to help clients more effectively address their financial needs.

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TruChoice Financial Group, LLC (Minneapolis), one of the largest distributors of insurance products in the financial services industry, has the i-Factor platform earlier this month at its fifth annual Climb conference. The i-Factor platform applies technology to give financial professionals the tools needed to dig deeper into product, get business issued faster, and help their clients more effectively address their financial needs, according to a statement from the company.

Brian Kunkel, VP, Product and Advanced Strategies, TruChoice.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer i-Factor to our financial professionals,” comments Brian Kunkel, VP, Product and Advanced Strategies, TruChoice. “The i-Factor suite of cutting-edge resources is unique to TruChoice and can help those that include fixed annuities and life insurance as part of their service offerings. By enabling financial professionals with data-driven decision-making ability, we’re able to help them more effectively address their clients’ financial needs. By utilizing technology to do some of the tedious work for a user, i-Factor can also help you be more efficient in the office, opening up time to meet with and help even more clients.”

“Additionally, considering today’s regulatory environment, having tools and resources to help you not only identify retirement income solutions but also help you conduct your due diligence with data-driven analysis is more important than ever,” Kunkel continues. “i-Factor provides you with documentation for compliance purposes.”

For fixed annuity cases, i-Factor can help analyze clients’ current products to determine if they continue to meet their financial needs, evaluate alternatives if existing products come up short, and assist in case design for alternatives, TruChoice relates. The electronic submission platform can also help reduce Not In Good Order situations, get business issued more efficiently, and help financial professionals get paid quickly.

For the added intricacies of life insurance cases, TruChoice says i-Factor offers digital point-of-sale technology that can transform life insurance discussions with clients, provide case management assistance with a real-time dashboard, and combine the power of TruChoice’s in-house underwriting team with innovative reinsurance solutions to help improve the ability to place more difficult cases.

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