Trov Renews Relationship with PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions

Trov’s new Risk Operations Technology complements PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions’ commercial coverage helping them mitigate risk of both insured and uninsured incidents through real-time data.

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Trov, the Danville, Calif.-based pioneer of online sale of insurance for single items of property, has announced a continuation of its partnership with Free2Move, the Atlanta-based operation of the car-sharing service launched by PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions (Paris), for a third consecutive year.

Ian Sweeney, SVP & GM, Trov Mobility.

The companies’ partnership began in 2018 when PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions launched its Free2Move operation in the U.S., starting with a fleet in Washington, D.C. Trov reports that its Mobility Insurance Platform powered context-based insurance coverage for Free2Move, resulting in an immediate 30 percent cost reduction over traditional insurance offerings.

Trov Mobility has since evolved to provide Risk Operations Technology in addition to insurance coverage to Free2Move, according to a statement from Trov. With Trov’s expanded offering, Free2Move benefits from a cost-effective commercial insurance program and new software that turns over 70 million data points—including vehicle, driver and road data—into insights that allow them to efficiently monitor, manage, and mitigate risk in real time, the statement says.

“We’re really pleased to be renewing our program again with Trov,” comments Lynn Blake, VP, Mobility, Free2Move. “The team has done so much more than keep our insurance costs down; they’ve transformed our view of risk with their Risk Operations Technology, which has become an irreplaceable tool our team uses on a daily basis. It not only streamlines our operations, but we’re seeing as much as a 10 percent reduction in vehicle downtime through the use of the platform, allowing us to keep our vehicles on the road and generating revenue.”

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Free2Move for another year,” says Ian Sweeney, SVP & GM, Trov Mobility. “We’re proud to have contributed to Free2Move’s growth by delivering a combination of insurance and Risk Operations Technology. We look forward to continuing our work together in Washington, D.C. and beyond.”

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