Trillium Mutual Insurance Company Selects Guidewire Solutions for Transformation

The Ontario-based agri-business mutual insurer will use the Guidewire platform to enable digital transformation, deliver service excellence, and accelerate product launches.

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Trillium Mutual Insurance Company, an agri-business mutual insurer based in Listowel, Ontario, has selected Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.) to enable digital transformation, deliver service excellence, and accelerate product launches. Trillium Mutual has selected InsuranceSuite, Client Data Management, and Rating Management as its new systems for policy administration, underwriting, claims, billing, and rating management.

Tracy MacDonald, President and CEO, Trillium Mutual.

Guidewire’s investment in research and development gave the insurer confidence during the selection process that the company will be a true partner for policy administration capabilities, a vendor statement reports. Trillium Mutual also selected ProducerEngage and VendorEngage to offer a seamless, omnichannel digital experience to its customer service representatives and vendors. In addition, the company selected DataHub and InfoCenter as its enterprise-wide data management and business intelligence systems.

By implementing Guidewire’s leading-edge industry platform, Trillium Mutual will be able to ensure that it is in step with the majority of the Canadian property industry and build upon its commitment to push for innovation in all areas of its business, according to Guidewire. The company will also be able to continue providing the exceptional service and commitment to mutuality that its partners and members have come to expect in a rapidly changing insurance marketplace, from digitally interfacing with partners for policy changes and new business to providing easy access to its members during a claim, the statement says

“Through reduced speed-to-market of new products and technologies, the introduction of new levels of efficiency and automation through guided workflows based on industry-validated best practices, and the proliferation of Guidewire in the Canadian P&C industry, we expect to see an enhanced ease of doing business with our broker partners to help them continue to service their clients—our  members—with an emphasis on having the right products available when they need it,” comments Tracy MacDonald, president and CEO, Trillium Mutual. “We are also excited by the opportunities to take advantage of Guidewire’s digital approach and integrate with the best-in-class InsurTech solution partners that are a part of the PartnerConnect ecosystem to achieve our business imperatives.”

Truly End-to-End Platform

Mathieu Savage, Manager, Information Systems and Innovation, Trillium Mutual Insurance.

“From the workflows in InsuranceSuite, the ease of accessing our own data in DataHub, and the digital enablement for our brokers provided by ProducerEngage, Guidewire is a truly end-to-end platform that will not only facilitate the completion of our core business operations, but also elevate them to a new standard of excellence,” says Mathieu Savage, manager, Information Systems and Innovation, Trillium. “Also, leveraging Guidewire in the cloud will allow us to service our partners and members throughout the insurance business lifecycle.”

Trillium Mutual plans to implement all of the products simultaneously across all of its lines of business in the province of Ontario through a Guidewire PartnerConnect Consulting partner cloud platform, with the partner providing implementation, ongoing services, and support.

“We are pleased to welcome Trillium Mutual Insurance Company to the Guidewire customer community,” comments Frank O’Dowd, chief sales officer, Guidewire Software. “We look forward to helping the company leverage Guidewire to continue its mission of offering insurance solutions that give its members peace of mind for life’s unexpected events.”

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