Trexis Insurance Uses Hi Marley Instantly Service Multi-Lingual Customers

The vendor’s AI-enabled conversation platform has helped to reduce cycle times, improve customer satisfaction, and implement a solution to translate communications between representatives and insureds.

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Trexis Insurance (Franklin, Tenn.) has integrated Hi Marley’s (Boston) AI-enabled conversation platform into its Auto Claims team to help develop the customer experience while improving workflows for its representatives.

The non-standard auto insurer launched Hi Marley in mid-November to help reduce cycle times, improve customer satisfaction, and implement a contemporary solution to translate communications between representatives and insureds. With Hi Marley, Trexis Insurance has seen 23 percent of claims communication being translated through AutoTranslate, according to a Hi Marley statement. The feature acts as a layer of translation between all parties involved in the conversation, translating text into and from the end user’s preferred language in real-time.

“We had a large base of insureds where English was not their preferred language, and scheduling time with a translator was a challenge,” comments Michael Turner, VP of Claims, Trexis. “Hi Marley’s AutoTranslate feature enables my entire team to communicate with insureds. Time-saving, financially efficient and a smoother process for end-customers and our team members.”

Trexis has seen improved responsiveness and engagement with their enhanced customer experience by offering a new way to communicate, according to the Hi Marley statement. Beyond AutoTranslate, the insurer has also found significant benefit in having media directly uploaded in the text conversation for their team members to review and add to the claim file, the vendor reports.

Simplifying Communication in Insurance

“I’m so grateful for the focus and guidance the Trexis team provided us,” comments John Miller, CTO, Hi Marley. “When we first started discussions with Trexis, AutoTranslate was still an idea, their team helped galvanize the problem, resulting in the development of a truly transformative feature for our industry. We are excited to be working alongside Trexis simplifying communication in insurance.”

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