Travelers to be Lyft’s Exclusive Provider of U.S. Auto Claim Management

Lyft describes Travelers’ culture of innovation and commitment to its communities a ‘natural fit’ for the ride share company’s claims management needs.

(Image source: Lyft homepage.)

The Travelers Companies, Inc. (Hartford) has announced that, effective Feb. 1, 2019, it will become the exclusive provider of U.S. auto insurance claim services for Lyft.

Nick Seminara, EVP, Claim Services, Travelers.

“Lyft is a dynamic organization that’s at the forefront of the future of transportation,” comments Nick Seminara, Executive VP, Claim Services, Travelers. “Travelers’ investments in talent, technology and infrastructure enable us to deliver high-quality and customized claim services. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to deploy that in service of Lyft’s vision and its network of drivers, who complete over 10 million rides a week.”

Culture of Innovation

“Beyond Travelers’ outstanding reputation for providing world-class claim services, we found their culture of innovation and commitment to their communities a natural fit for Lyft,” comments Kate Sampson, VP, Risk Solutions, Lyft. “We’re confident in Travelers’ experience to efficiently and effectively manage auto claims so we can continue to empower our drivers to meet their goals and help deliver an exceptional experience for our riders.”

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