Travelers Taps Notion for Smart Home Monitoring Program

Travelers’ customers in California will be equipped Notion’s technology, which monitors for conditions such as water leaks, changes in temperature, and sounding smoke alarms.

(Image source: Notion homepage.)

Travelers Insurance (Hartford) has undertaken an agreement with Notion, a Denver-based Internet of Things-based smart home sensor system, to offer smart home monitoring to Travelers customers in California. Travelers is working with Notion to provide data-driven insights to customers through Notion’s home monitoring system in order to prevent and mitigate threats such as water leaks, fire damage, and thefts, according to a vendor statement.

The focus of the initial phase of Travelers’ Notion program is meant to improve customer engagement and help customers to mitigate water leaks and other major risks such as fire.

Brett Jurgens, CEO, Notion.

Recent claim data shows that non-weather water issues (such as pipes bursting and appliance malfunctions) cause 20 percent of all home insurance claims. When Notion sensors help mitigate these claims, both homeowners and Travelers will benefit financially.

Through the agreement, select Travelers’ customers throughout California will be equipped Notion’s technology, which monitors for water leaks, changes in temperature, sounding smoke alarms and the opening/closing of doors, garages and other conditions.

“Homeowners have only seen insurance providers respond to incidents once damage has already occurred,” comments Brett Jurgens, CEO, Notion. “Notion’s work with Travelers Insurance allows us to provide peace-of-mind to Travelers customers who can monitor in-home activity through the Notion app and provide them with assurance that Travelers will be alerted to any potential damage before it can seriously affect their home.”

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