Travelers Partners with TrueMotion on IntelliDrive UBI App

The new app, implemented by TrueMotion, will capture driving information for all enrolled drivers in the household for 90 days and determine an overall score for determining renewal premium.

The Travelers Companies, Inc. (Hartford) has launched the IntelliDrive smartphone app, which the insurer says allows customers to better understand their driving habits and get auto insurance priced according to how they drive. Travelers is offering customers who use the app and drive safely premium discounts of up to 20 percent and will provide valuable feedback that can help improve their driving and savings. The IntelliDrive app is now available in Minnesota and Nevada, with more states anticipated to be added later this year.

IntelliDrive smartphone app. Source: Travelers.

“Our new app promotes safe driving by making people aware of their driving habits—whether it is hard braking or accelerating too quickly,” comments Elaine Montgomery-Baisden, Chief Underwriting Officer, Personal Insurance, Travelers. “IntelliDrive provides personalized auto insurance pricing, rewards our customers for good driving behavior and ultimately can lead to safer roads for everyone.”

Travelers has chosen TruMotion, a provider of smartphone usage–based insurance technology, as its partner in implementing the IntelliDrive app. TrueMotion has demonstrated through driving data from millions of trips by its users that when drivers receive a score and tips about their actual driving behavior, they take steps to become safer drivers.

Renewal Premiums Based on Household Score

IntelliDrive will capture driving information for all enrolled drivers in the household for 90 days and determine an overall score, Travelers reports. Renewal premiums will be based on that score. New customers receive up to a 5 percent discount for enrolling in IntelliDrive.

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