Tokio Marine Kiln, FloraTrace Launch Product to Improve Ethical Practices in Global Supply Chains 

The trade disruption product provides financial protection against disruptions to supply chains, to scrutinize and enhance ethical practices throughout sourcing processes.

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Tokio Marine Kiln (TMK; London/Singapore) and Rezylient Insurance Agency (Salt Lake City) have announced the launch of a new trade disruption product, Rezylient, which provides financial protection against disruptions to supply chains, alongside a suite of risk management tools, powered by FloraTrace, to scrutinize and enhance ethical practices throughout sourcing processes. Rezylient Insurance Agency, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FloraTrace, Inc.

The offering is driven by new regulations, such as the UFLPA in the U.S., which require greater transparency around the origins of imported goods, ensuring that fair working practices have been upheld at every stage of the supply chain. Rezylient provides cover for the often-significant financial costs which can occur when goods are subjected to stringent border checks to ensure compliance with new regulations, according to a statement from Tokio Marine Kiln and Rezylient.

Rob Jarvis, Head of Innovation, Tokio Marine Kiln.

The product also incorporates a proactive, scientific risk management tool powered by FloraTrace tracing technology to enable businesses to better interrogate their supply chains and, where necessary, change or improve their supply chain partner network, according to the joint statement. The companies say the tools also enable importing businesses to showcase the responsible business practices undertaken at every stage of goods’ manufacture enabling swift resolution of delays at checkpoints.

Driving Positive Change and Ethical Business Practices

“Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance is a game changer for importers and a testament to Tokio Marine Kiln’s commitment to driving positive change and ethical business practices,” comments Rob Jarvis, Head of Innovation, Tokio Marine Kiln. “Businesses relying on global supply chains have a responsibility to ensure that their goods are responsibly sourced, but a patchwork of regulations and reporting standards around the world can make this difficult to verify. Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance helps importers make the necessary background checks, provides cover should their goods be delayed for inspection as well as the evidence to showcase that all required standards have been met.”

“Innovations such as Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance represent the best of our market, providing an innovative solution which addresses a new and evolving client need while helping businesses attain new standards in social responsibility and ethical business practice,” Jarvis adds.

Terje Gloerstad, CEO, FloraTrace.

“We’re proud to have the backing of Tokio Marine Kiln—one of the leading insurers at Lloyd’s with fantastic reputation for innovation and service—in bringing this product to market,” comments Terje Gloerstad, CEO, FloraTrace. “Rezylient’s Trade Disruption Insurance is more than just a policy; it’s a strategic asset for importers, in today’s volatile global trade environment, businesses need to be prepared for risk. Any company importing products, can incur huge costs from detentions at the border. Rezylient offers them a crucial tool of evidence for speedy resolution and the financial protection they need, along with the intelligence to navigate the complexities of international trade.”

Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance is underwritten by TMK (Tokio Marine Kiln), Tokio Marine Group and is available through the Lloyd’s market.

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