The Doctors Company Replaces Legacy Core with Duck Creek Suite OnDemand

Moving core systems to the cloud is part of the insurer’s broader agenda of digital transformation and technology innovation.

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(Image credit: Sasin Tipchai.)

The Doctors Company (Napa, Calif.), the largest physician-owned medical professional liability (MPL) carrier in the United Staes, has selected the Duck Creek Suite to replace its in-house-built core systems. The new systems will be delivered via Duck Creek OnDemand, the vendor’s SaaS solution for the property/casualty insurance industry.

Deepika Srivastava, SVP of operations and CIO, The Doctors Company.

“Implementing the Duck Creek Suite OnDemand will help us further our strategy of delivering a personal, engaging experience to our members through multiple channels and new modes of communication,” comments Deepika Srivastava, SVP of operations and CIO, The Doctors Company.

“We see the bigger business picture beyond technology,” Srivastava adds. “Digital is the world we live in today, and it’s redefining what it takes to be the best in class. We continue to embrace the digital transformation by investing strategically and planning for long-term technology innovation.”

The company reports that it is replacing its core systems to simplify product delivery, deliver effective and personal customer experiences, and enhance analytics capabilities to accelerate service delivery turnaround times.

Andy Dey, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Duck Creek Technologies.

“Duck Creek OnDemand will help us focus operations on things our members and agency partners value and also give us the ability to build platforms and partnerships to accelerate and scale in evolving markets,” Srivastava remarks.

By making the transition to Duck Creek, The Doctors Company will continue to pursue its growth goals in the MPL market and across the entire continuum of care—including the complex risk management and financing needs of large groups and facilities, hospitals, and healthcare systems. “Our systems must help us fulfill our mission to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine,” Srivastava adds.

Continued Growth and Expansion

“Duck Creek OnDemand will let The Doctors Company focus on the right challenges—continued growth and expansion in an industry experiencing relentless, unprecedented change—while our team handles day-to-day IT operations and application upgrades for them behind the scenes,” comments Andy Dey, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Duck Creek Technologies. “We are happy to welcome The Doctors Company to the Duck Creek family and look forward to helping them continue to lead the MPL industry.”

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