The Auto Club Transforms with Guidewire Core, Data and Digital Solutions

The second-largest AAA club in North America seeks to improve speed-to-market, offer omni-channel digital experience to its agents and members, and reduce system maintenance costs.

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The Auto Club Group (ACG; Dearborn, Mich.), the second-largest AAA club in North America, has selected Guidewire Software (Foster City, Calif.) Core, Data, and Digital products to support transformation of its business processes, according to a joint statement issued by the carrier, the vendor and Capgemini (Paris), which will lead the implementation.

Joseph J. Richardson Jr., President and CEO, AAA – The Auto Club Group.

Joseph J. Richardson Jr., President and CEO, AAA – The Auto Club Group.

ACG’s objectives for the initiative include modernizing its core systems infrastructure and operations to improve speed-to-market, and offering a seamless, omni-channel digital experience to its agents and members while reducing system maintenance costs.

The Auto Club Group will use Guidewire PolicyCenter and BillingCenter, along with Guidewire Rating Management as its new platform for underwriting, rating, policy administration and billing. The company will deploy Guidewire DataHub and InfoCenter as its enterprise-wide data management and business intelligence solution, as well as Guidewire Quote and Buy Portal for Policyholders and Gateway Portal for Agents to enhance the digital experiences of its members and agents. ACG will replace existing policy and billing platforms for its personal auto, home, and umbrella lines of business in all states in which it conducts business in a phased implementation approach, according to the joint statement.

“The flexibility, innovation, and agility provided by the Guidewire suite of products will better allow us to be there for our AAA members and policyholders whenever and wherever they need us,” comments Joseph J. Richardson Jr., President and CEO, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “In addition, we will be more competitive in the fast-moving insurance market, and we will enhance the service we provide our agents. Guidewire’s product maturity, market share, and track record of successful implementations were important factors in our decision-making process.”

Critically Important Business Driver

Speed-to-market is a critically important business driver for ACG, according to Shohreh Abedi, Executive VP, Chief Operations Technology Officer and Membership Experience, ACG. “We are excited about the innovative tools we’ll be able to offer our agents and policyholders to help us meet current and future business and IT goals,” she says.

The statement describes the Guidewire products as conferring the following abilities to ACG :

Jack Dugan, Corporate VP and Head of Insurance, Capgemini.

Jack Dugan, Corporate VP and Head of Insurance, Capgemini.

  • Increase customer retention by offering omni-channel sales and service options, more comprehensive and responsive product offerings and increased billing flexibility;
  • Achieve premium growth from better pricing accuracy and risk tolerance;
  • Improve productivity through greater system automation; and
  • Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating on to a single platform.

“We are pleased that ACG entrusted Capgemini with this high-impact enterprise-wide implementation,” comments Jack Dugan, Corporate VP and Head of Insurance, Capgemini.

“By selecting transformational Guidewire products, ACG is acting to meet the needs of its members, agents and policyholders in a fast-moving insurance market. We look forward to working with ACG and Guidewire on this program.”

“As a trusted organization with decades of invaluable service to their auto club members, ACG is ideally suited to lead as an insurer in a new era of digital customer engagement,” adds Marcus Ryu, CEO and co-founder, Guidewire Software. “We are honored by ACG’s selection of Guidewire’s Core, Data, and Digital products to provide the technology foundation for their business transformation, and we look forward to working with them and Capgemini on this ambitious program.”

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