Texas Mutual Adopts Guidewire Data Management and BI Systems

By adding the vendor’s data solutions in addition to InsuranceSuite, the carrier anticipates greater operational visibility and more efficient access to actionable business insights.

(Austin, Texas, home to Texas Mutual. Photo credit: Argash.)

Texas Mutual Insurance Company (Austin), the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, has selected Guidewire’s DataHub and InfoCenter to support enterprise-wide data management and business intelligence strategies, replacing an internally built system. Texas Mutual deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter in 2014 and is in the process of implementing the vendor’s PolicyCenter and BillingCenter systems.

“We are excited about the prospect of using Guidewire DataHub and InfoCenter as our primary data source,” comment Randy McKean, senior manager, IT, Texas Mutual. “Having a complete solution with InsuranceSuite and Guidewire’s data management and business intelligence products will allow our users to quickly retrieve data and generate actionable business insights.”

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Among the capabilities Texas Mutual will enjoy through the implementation of DataHub and InfoCenter are the following, according to the vendor:

Terry Buchheit, VP, IT, Texas Mutual.

Terry Buchheit, VP, IT, Texas Mutual.

  • Greater ease of doing business for staff through the deployment of self-service options that will enable them to access reports and conduct queries independently;
  • Better mapping and conversion of data through the full InsuranceSuite product line; and
  • Achievement of a single view of data to users across the organization, including claims, finance and underwriting.

“Good data is critical to helping the organization achieve its strategic goals,” comments Terry Buchheit, VP, Application Services, IT, Texas Mutual. “The implementation of DataHub and InfoCenter, when combined with InsuranceSuite, will provide us with significantly greater operational visibility, in order to be more responsive to our customers and business partners.”

Guidewire describes DataHub as an operational data store that unifies, standardizes, and stores data from the typical patchwork of an insurer’s systems as well as from external sources. The system provides the single source of truth to feed core systems, business intelligence solutions, and downstream systems such as general ledger, regulatory, and tax reporting. DataHub decouples data consumption from data production, thus insulating downstream data consumers from changes in the behavior and configuration of upstream data producers, according to the vendor’s description.

The vendor describes Guidewire InfoCenter as a business intelligence warehouse optimized for the Property/Casualty industry to provide information in easy to use formats for business intelligence, analysis, and enhanced decision making.

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