Tensorflight Partners with Airbus to Boost Property Assessment Capability

Pleíades Neo, Airbus’ latest and most advanced optical 30cm resolution constellation, will enable the InsurTech to radically improve its offering to the global P&C industry.

(Simulation of Pleíades Neo satellite. Source: Airbus.)

Tensorflight (New York/Warzaw), a global artificial intelligence and imaging-based InsurTech providing automated property inspection, has announced a partnership partnering with the Intelligence Business of Airbus Defence and Space (Taufkirken, Germany), a global provider of geospatial data, intelligence and defense solutions, with the goal of ramping up its property analysis and assessment capabilities.

Jakub Dryjas, acting CEO, Tensorflight.

Tensorflight uses three sources of imagery—satellite, aerial and ground level—to automate the slow and expensive process of in-person property inspections and to help insurance companies evaluate commercial properties as part of the underwriting process. Pleíades Neo, Airbus’ latest and most advanced optical 30cm resolution constellation, will enable the InsurTech to radically improve its offering to the global property insurance industry, according to a Tensorflight statement. In addition to having access to the highest commercial resolution imagery available on the market, Tensorflight says it will also benefit from data with the best geolocation accuracy.

Pléiades Neo’s satellite imagery will be used to help Tensorflight gather building-related information and detect changes to properties. This ranges from information about roof condition and asbestos detection, to damage analysis and appraisal following natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and within conflict zones where on-the-ground inspections are impossible and other sources of imaging are unable to provide the level of detail required for the insurance process.

Unprecedented Level of Intelligence

“Pléiades Neo will considerably enhance our monitoring capability and operational efficiency,” comments Jakub Dryjas, acting CEO, Tensorflight. . Our mission is to make high quality data available to the insurance industry to enable informed, timely and accurate decisions. Integrating Pléiades Neo into our existing solutions will enable us to provide an unprecedented level of intelligence to our customers on a much broader scale and far more cost effectively.”

“For clients requiring rapid and detailed damage assessments in challenging locations, Pléiades Neo will be a game-changer,” says Patryk Jaskula, Geospatial Solutions Manager, Intelligence Division, Airbus Defence and Space. “The four identical 30cm resolution satellites will deliver high-quality imagery and accurate geolocation at a high revisit frequency rate, meaning precise images can be acquired several times per day, over the same location.”

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