Ask Kodiak Partnership Brings Commercial Appetite Search to TechCanary Users

Adding Ask Kodiak’s capabilities to TechCanary will enable agents to remain current with product guidelines and simply match needs to markets for reduced agency costs and increased close rates.

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TechCanary (Milwaukee, Wisc.), provider of a cloud-based, analytics-driven insurance sales and service solution within the Salesforce CRM platform, and with Ask Kodiak (Winchester, Mass.), a software platform which helps agents and brokers easily find coverage for commercial clients through quick market identification, have established a partnership to provide Ask Kodiak capabilities to TechCanary users.

Allan Egbert, Co-Founder, Ask Kodiak.

Allan Egbert, Co-Founder, Ask Kodiak.

The two companies, which both support improved digital collaboration between agents and carriers, characterize their partnership has offering agents, brokers, and carriers a full insurance operations platform, CRM, and quick and easy market identification to find the best available coverage to meet a customer’s insurance needs.

Adding Ask Kodiak’s capabilities to the TechCanary platform will enable agents to remain current with insurance company product guidelines and simply match needs to markets for reduced agency costs and increased close rates, a joint vendor statement says.

Simplify Rather than Disrupt Traditional Distribution

Reid Holzworth, CEO, TechCanary.

Reid Holzworth, CEO, TechCanary.

“In the traditional insurance environment, agents waste too much time searching for the best commercial coverage for their customers, and carriers need a better way to share their risk appetite with the agents,” comments Allan Egbert, co-founder, Ask Kodiak. “In our ongoing effort to simplify rather than disrupt the traditional inefficient distribution model, we are thrilled to be collaborating with TechCanary to bring Kodiak market identification to the TechCanary sales and service platform.”

Reid Holzworth, TechCanary founder and CEO sees the partnership as a meeting of like-minded organizations. “Both were founded with the objective of leveraging technology and the digital world as enablers to make the insurance experience easier and better for all stakeholders from buyers, to agents, brokers and carriers,” he says. “We look forward to continuing a close working relationship with the Ask Kodiak team to ensure we maximize the value delivered to our mutual clients.”

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