TDIC Selects Guidewire InsurancePlatform for Data Management and Analytics

Blackcomb Consultants will lead implementation project to enable the dentist insurance provider to leverage Guidewire Data insights to increase data access and reporting.

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The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC; Sacramento, Calif.), a provider of professional insurance products designed exclusively for dentists and a subsidiary of the California Dental Association, has expanded its commitment to Guidewire Software’s (Foster City, Calif.) InsurancePlatform by selecting Guidewire DataHub and Guidewire InfoCenter to support its enterprise-wide data management and analytics strategies and continue its business transformation initiative. Guidewire PartnerConnect Consulting partner Blackcomb Consultants (Chicago) will lead the implementation project.

Brad Lontz, CIO, California Dental Association.

TDIC selected DataHub and InfoCenter to complement its earlier selection of Guidewire InsuranceSuite, according to a vendor statement. The company has been in production with InsuranceSuite since 2016, with the objective modernizing the core operations software applications for its workers’ compensation, professional liability, and commercial property lines of business. DataHub and InfoCenter will integrate with InsuranceSuite to help drive its business and IT efforts by increasing data accessibility and reducing ad hoc requests for data and reports across all of its lines of business, according to the Guidewire statement. By retiring the practice of manually consolidating data, the implementation of DataHub and InfoCenter, TDIC will be able to optimize data compilation, enhance decision making, and reduce risk and maintenance by unifying, standardizing, and storing data from internal and external sources, the statement adds.

Analytics as a Competitive Requirement

Victor Voss, Managing Director, Blackcomb Consultants.

“As we look to the future, it is clear that analytics is going to evolve from a differentiating factor to a requirement to be competitive,” comments Brad Lontz, CIO, California Dental Association. “Given this, we were looking to significantly enhance our capability in that space, and that’s really what drove us to put a warehouse solution in place and ultimately select DataHub and InfoCenter. Consolidated reporting will reduce the time required to create reports and improve accuracy, as well as provide more time to analyze the data and generate new insights.”

“We look forward to helping TDIC implement their InsurancePlatform products,” comments Victor Voss, managing partner and principal consultant, Blackcomb Consultants. “By selecting Guidewire and Blackcomb, TDIC will be better able to continue to address the specific needs of its customers in a rapidly-changing insurance market.”

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