TCS Modernizes Wyoming DWS Unemployment Insurance Tax System

Through its use of Tata Consultancy Services’ multi-tenant solution, Wyoming is the first state to host both its benefits and tax systems on a public cloud.

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Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS, Cheyenne) has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS, Mumbai/New York) to launch a new, cloud-based Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax system, completing a system-wide upgrade for the WYUI (Wyoming Unemployment Insurance) solution.

Robin Sessions Cooley, Director, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

The WYUI tax and benefits solution is a fully modernized and scalable unemployment insurance platform that improves the way employers interact with the state, according to a TCS statement. The vendor relates that the modernization effort entailed designing a more user-friendly interface and expanding self-service capabilities including online employer registration, account maintenance, payments, wage reporting, and appeals.

TCS reports that it implemented the WYUI Benefits solution in 2018, enabling claimants to file unemployment insurance new and weekly claims online, protest and file appeals online, receive electronic correspondence, perform online eligibility reviews, make online payments against overpayments, and more. With the addition of the current new tax system launch, employers will have the ability to file reports, authorize payments, file appeals, and make account changes online, according to the vendor.

Modernizing to Serve Needs of Clients

“Building an efficient, effective, and sustainable Unemployment Insurance solution was vitally important to us,” comments Robin Sessions Cooley, Director, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. “The previous system was running on an antiquated platform and was no longer serving the needs of our clients. We’re delighted that the modernization is complete, and both the benefits and tax side are now accessible online.”

With completion of the transformation project completed in less than 31 months, TCS asserts that the initiatives was one of the fastest modernizations of a complete UI system. Wyoming is the first state to host both its benefits and tax systems on a public cloud, making it a role model for other forward-thinking states, the vendor notes.

“Our capability to digitally transform businesses through our Business 4.0 thought leadership framework and digital technology has enabled us to move Wyoming’s entire Unemployment Insurance system to a secure cloud system in record time,” comments Debashis Ghosh, President, Public Services, TCS. “We are pleased that TCS’ solution is serving the needs of the state of Wyoming and improving the experience for claimants and employers, saving them time and effort.”

The WYUI solution enables employers to perform many online, self-service tax filing functions, including the ability to file quarterly contribution and wage reports, upload wage detail, view annual tax rates and benefit charge statements, maintain clients for employee leasing companies, set up payment plans, protest benefit charges, and claim notices, among other features. WYUI will also enable the DWS to exchange correspondences electronically with employers.

Wyoming is not the first state TCS has helped to modernize unemployment insurance systems. The vendor has also worked with Mississippi and Maine, as members of the ReEmployUSA Consortium. TCS characterizes its partnership with Wyoming’s DWS as replacing a 34-year-old tax legacy system with a first-of-its-kind modernized, multi-tenant solution in a public cloud, compliant to federal and state standards.

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