Talage Releases Wheelhouse Ease-of-Use Update for Agents

The new version introduces the ability to launch targeted, industry-specific landing pages which aid in customer acquisition of small commercial clients.

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Talage, a Reno, Nev.-based provider of digital distribution software solutions for commercial insurance, has announced an update to its Wheelhouse technology, a platform designed to streamline the insurance purchasing process for small businesses and provides a digital solution for agents by automating traditionally manual processes.

“Agents are as pressed for time and resources as everyone else in the current environment,” Adam Kiefer, CEO, Talage. “Spending the same amount of time on a small commercial account as a large commercial account typically just isn’t possible considering the difference in the size of the average policy and premium. So, additional automation of manual processes and templating of industry-specific landing pages for quick launch by agents serving the small commercial segment is important to us, and something we were keen to offer in this latest update of Wheelhouse.”

Adam Kiefer, CEO, Talage.

Allowing for the Creation of Directed Campaigns

The update addresses the vital need for opportunities for a direct interface between insurance agents and customers in modern insurance landscape, according to a Talage statement. The vendor company update allows for the creation of easily modified, tailored targeted landing pages. Wheelhouse is now capable of focusing on specific industries, lawyers, barbers, and doctors, for example, allowing for the creation of directed campaigns driving traffic from any digital channel to the agency landing page, the statement says. Wheelhouse also now allows for custom branding for agents and agencies, while automating leads with self-service quote requests and providing for robust reporting on started and completed quotes.

Talage describes Wheelhouse as giving insurance companies and other financial institutions the ability to quickly and easily equip appointed agencies with an online presence via user-friendly agent portals, as well as additional tools to support agency automation and growth in the small business segment. Through Wheelhouse, Talage currently powers the online purchase of workers’ compensation, liability, and property insurance by small businesses in all 50 states.

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