How to Ensure Success in a Digital Transformation

To avoid loss of creditability, a ruthless adherence to a set of digital commandments is the only way to achieve the ultimate vision.

How John Hancock Incentivizes Customers to Live Longer, Healthier Lives

In this episode, we talk about ‘behavioral insurance’ within a broader discussion about John Hancock’s pioneering work in the movement to make life insurance about not the mortality of the policyholder, but about living a more vibrant and longer life.

Roots Automation Raises $10M in Series A Round

The vendor uses AI and machine learning technology to power ‘Digital Coworkers’ improving on RPA and bringing an integrated, holistic approach to automation that aligns with insurers’ human workforce.

Guidewire CEO Coaxes Customers to Embrace Cloud

At the Connections customer conference on Oct. 24, Mike Rosenbaum stressed the logic of Guidewire innovating in the cloud and the ‘illogical’ choice to invest in innovation on-premise.

The Changing Shape of Insurance Innovation

The InsurTech innovation wave is maturing into a real collaborative environment made up of platforms, ecosystems, and modern data management.