Trawick International, AXA Mexico Partner on IPMI

Trawick International’s affiliate, SureGo Administrative Services, will manage distribution, new business enrollment, provider relations, and claims handling.

Employee Culture: The New Risk Predictor

While companies have long focused on customer commentary, workforce signals can be an even more important indicator of risks within an organization.

An Insurance Score is to Personal Auto as (BLANK) is to Homeowners’

If credit scores do play a statistically/actuarially valid role in determining the risk of a given driver, is there some other behavioral indicator that would play a similarly valid role for assessing the risk of insuring a specific homeowner’s home?

Celent Study: Benefits of Connecting Manufacturers to Insurers

By connecting to manufacturers, insurers and their clients can realize the kinds of advantages in underwriting and risk mitigation resulting from increased data collection from automobiles during the past decade.