Symmetry Financial Group Selects Vidado to Speed the Processing of Sales Leads

Vidado’s AI-driven solution delivers automation-ready, digital data rapidly to downstream systems for improved workflows and better overall productivity.

(Image source: Symmetry Financial Group homepage.)

Symmetry Financial Group (Swannanoa, N.C.) a distributor offering customized life insurance solutions through partnerships with major U.S. insurance carriers, has selected Vidado (Oakland, Calif.), a provider of intelligent automation (IA) solutions, to play what the vendor characterizes as a key role in a multi-departmental modernization project focused on maximizing operational efficiency.

Doug Zeh, COO, Symmetry Financial Group.

With a nationwide agent footprint, and in excess of 200,000 inbound leads generated via direct mail last year, Symmetry needed the ability to scale sales operations, and a fast, flexible way to effectively distribute leads to the company’s sales force, according to a Vidado statement. Symmetry selected Vidado to automate and improve the company’s existing sales workflow, the vendor says.

“Being able to rapidly respond to leads through any channel is what is so valuable to us,” comments Doug Zeh, COO, Symmetry. “If we can somehow get access to that data faster, we can reach out to that potential customer sooner. We get to be the first one at the kitchen table with that family. Vidado offers the technology to accurately extract the necessary data and prepare it for intake into our CRM. They’re right on par with what we’re looking for—data extraction, transformation, and focus.”

Nowell Outlaw, CEO, Vidado.

Vidado offers what it calls a cloud-native product platform that identifies, digitizes, validates, and enriches data better than traditional optical character recognition (OCR) technologies or humans, and delivers automation-ready, digital data rapidly to downstream systems for improved workflows and better overall productivity. Through its use of an open API layer, Vidado says its solutions can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provide an almost immediate return on investment.

Circumventing the Workflow Bottleneck

“With paper, manual data entry went from being the only way to access data to the bottleneck in the workflow,” comments Nowell Outlaw, CEO, Vidado. “With Vidado’s AI you can completely circumvent this bottleneck and actually get more accurate data than you would with human data entrants. We’re looking forward to helping Symmetry continue to improve upon the great outreach and service the company has built a reputation on so far.”

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