Suravenir Assurances Adopts Force, Shift Technology’s Claims Fraud Detection Solution

The major French insurer will use Force to optimize its fight against automobile and multi-risk home insurance fraud while allowing claims managers to focus on policyholder service.

(Image source: Suravenir Assurance.)

Suravenir Assurances, a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel ARKEA group (Brest, France) with approximately 2.9 million private policyholders, has adopted Shift Technology’s (Paris/Boston) Force claims fraud detection solution. The carrier will use the technology to automate the detection of potentially fraudulent automobile and multi-risk home (MRH) insurance claims.

Benoît Legros, Sales Director, France, Shift Technology.

“This partnership with Suravenir Assurances illustrates the growing tendency of French insurers to choose our Force fraud detection solution, not only for Automobile but also for Multi-Risk Home insurance,” comments Benoît Legros, director of sales for France, Shift Technology. “We are very happy with the work carried out with the Suravenir Assurances teams, and are looking ambitiously towards the future.”

Deployed in a SaaS model and using advance data science and artificial intelligence, Force analyzes an insurer’s claims data to identify potential fraud in accordance with constantly evolving fraud scenarios and models. Shift Technology reports that its team will work on an ongoing basis with that of Suravenir Assurances to improve the efficiency and relevance of the detection and treatment of potentially fraudulent cases.

Claire Léauté, Director, Customer Service, Suravenir Assurances.

“The expertise of Shift Technology, and the company’s focus on data security and privacy, has allowed for an efficient application of the Force solution,” comments Cécile Lebreton, director, Projects and Partnerships, Suravenir Assurances.

Letting Claims Management Teams Focus on Supporting Policyholders

“Within the context of continuous improvement, the Force solution enables us to fight efficiently against fraud on a daily basis,” adds Claire Léauté, director, Customer Service, Suravenir Assurances. “Our claims management teams can focus more on supporting our policyholders, in order to respond to their expectations in terms of quality of service and reactiveness. At the same time, our anti-fraud unit, equipped with the Force solution, handles fraud detection.”

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