Suracy Insurance Agency Selects Exactuals’ PaymentHub for Insurance

New outbound payment projected to increase transparency and reporting while making the process more efficient.

(Image source: Suracy homepage.) 

Suracy Insurance Agency, Inc. has selected ExactualsPaymentHub for Insurance digital payments platform to modernize the agency’s ability to process payments  and provide insights via reporting to internal and external partners and customers. Suracy, an independent insurance agency headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, provides business insurance solutions nationally to franchises, small and larger businesses, religious institutions, and other organizations.

Sam Liotta, President and CEO of Suracy.

“Exactuals accurately identified and responded to two major problems in our industry, which are the lack of payment transparency and the burden placed on wholesalers and carriers when an agency cannot access reporting to them through self-service,” comments Sam Liotta, president and CEO of Suracy. “We are confident that PaymentHub will positively transform our operations and believe it reflects our commitment to advancing technology within our space.”

The PaymentHub for Insurance platform is designed to streamline and digitize insurance payments and offers commission, claims and vendor payment processing, reporting and analytics capabilities, and online engagement tools for insurance companies, brokers, third-party administrators (TPAs), provider networks, and producers. The solution’s reporting capabilities will immediately increase transparency into the status of payments and boost stakeholder satisfaction as well, according to the vendor.

Enabling Outbound Digital Payments
“In the current environment where so much emphasis has been placed on being able to conduct all aspects of business remotely, the ability for an insurer to make outbound payments digitally is critical,” comments Andrew Mauritzen, CFO and head of insurance for Exactuals. “We look forward to working with Suracy to optimize this implementation and to get them the most value possible out of their new outbound digital payments process.”

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