SURA Colombia Adopts FRISS Guidewire Accelerator for Integrated Fraud Detection

The integration of FRISS within Guidewire ClaimCenter delivers a seamless experience for the user, achieved with a short implementation time.

(Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia. Image credit: gabrielmor.)

Seguros SURA Colombia (a member of Suramericana S.A., subsidiary of SURA Group, Medellín), has deployed FRISS’ (Utrecht, Netherlands) integrated claims fraud detection program for motor personal lines with the FRISS accelerator for Guidewire  ClaimCenter. SURA is use the Guidewire ecosystem and benefitting from integrated claim fraud detection that has the ability to stop payment of claims identified as potentially fraudulent while they are investigated, according to a joint announcement from FRISS and Guidewire Software (Foster City, Calif.). The fraud detection capabilities support SURA’s ability to deliver faster customer service, as obviously legitimate claims can go on a fast track for immediate pay-out, the announcement notes.

SURA is the first insurance company to deploy the accelerator from the Guidewire Marketplace. Through the accelerator, the integration of FRISS within Guidewire ClaimCenter delivers a seamless experience for the user, and a very short implementation time, according to the announcement. FRISS is supported in its Latin America activities through a partnership with Munich Re (Munich).

The accelerator enables SURA to provide streamlined processing for fraud and risk management that comprises the following, according to the vendor statement:

  • A real-time and AI-powered risk indicator for each claim;
  • A risk score for use in guiding next steps: settlement, investigation or risk management action;
  • Automated claims checking at defined stages; and
  • User-friendly follow-up research and data capture.

“We decided to work with FRISS because we recognized they could give us great value in our claims management process by providing a real-time risk score that allows us to better focus our investigation process and improve the claim process for honest customers,” comments  Ruben Dario Cañas Aranzazu, Motor Claims Manager SURA Colombia. “Furthermore, the Guidewire accelerator is easily and quickly downloaded, and implemented. Finally, FRISS and Munich RE’s partnership—an established relationship in the region—has been such that we felt confident in the project’s success and in reaching the goals we have set.”

Harald Schnabel, Head of Department Casualty Underwriting Latin America, Iberia & Caribbean, Munich Re.

Munich Re Partnership

“In this exclusive partnership with FRISS in Latin America, Munich Re brings claims and client expertise, and FRISS its competence for fraud detection in insurance based on state-of-the-art technology,” comments Harald Schnabel, Head of Department Casualty Underwriting Latin America, Iberia & Caribbean, Munich Re. “This enables a fast implementation process and supports our clients with an innovative solution. We are convinced that FRISS will have a positive impact on loss ratios and the efficiency of claims processes, which creates value for the client and Munich Re. We are pleased to have SURA as the first joint implementation in Colombia.”

“We are proud to be a Guidewire Solution partner,” comments Bas de Graaf, Global Partner Manager, FRISS. “We work together with leading core system vendors, like Guidewire, that enable us to offer our fraud detection solution, pre-integrated with the core claims system used by P&C carriers all over the world. The accelerator is a proven solution, validated by both Guidewire and FRISS, and resulting in easy and fast implementation. SURA’s trust in the combined solution is proof of this value. It is fantastic to see that SURA reached their ROI already during the implementation and has increased their customer satisfaction.”

FRISS Partners with Cognitive Claims Management Service Provider omni:us


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