StoneRiver Debuts LifeSuite Automated Underwriting v9.0

The new version includes support for MIB Data Enrichment Initiative and over 100 improvements focused on user experience.

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StoneRiver, Inc. (Denver), a provider of a wide range of insurance core system and other solutions across insurance industry sectors, has announced the availability of Version 9.0 of LifeSuite Automated Underwriting. The vendor describes the new version as providing the latest set of product advancements including support for MIB Data Enrichment Initiative.

Tom Burke, Executive Chairman, StoneRiver.

Tom Burke, Executive Chairman, StoneRiver.

StoneRiver reports that several clients are already committed to installing Version 9.0, which the vendor characterizes as a manifestation of its commitment to providing a feature-rich and functionally superior automated underwriting system. The vendor describes LifeSuite as a web-based new business and automated underwriting system that drives straight-through automation, streamlining the entire new business process from application receipt through coverage approval, providing the most efficient and consistent automated underwriting solution available.

New functionality of LifeSuite 9.0 includes the following, as listed by StoneRiver:

  • Milliman® RxRules expansion to include MIB and MVR data
  • Compliant support for the MIB Data Enrichment Initiative
  • Enhanced Security features
  • Expanded Amendment and Exclusion processing
  • Underwriter ‘Scratch Pad’ to augment Underwriter Notes capabilities
  • Advanced Intersystem Test Data Transfer

StoneRiver reports over 100 further improvements focused on user experience, greater configurability, and security advances.

“We are incredibly proud of this new LifeSuite version with all of these enhancements and look forward to providing it to our existing clients and new carriers looking for the most feature rich and functionally superior underwriting system available,” comments Tom Burke, Executive Chairman, StoneRiver. “And, as is always the case, our LifeSuite User Group was instrumental in guiding many of the enhancements in this latest version.”

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